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Load securing, dirt and moisture protection and the preservation of flavours and moisture in the food industry: as coextruded blown foils, stretch foils from DUO PLAST satisfy even the toughest requirements. They are characterized by strength, flexibility, holding power and food safety and have long since become indispensable packaging materials in agriculture, industry and the food industry due to their high quality. Stretch and packaging foils from DUO PLAST fulfil the strict quality criteria of the ProStretch initiative and always cut a good figure in the ProStretch test with regard to width and thickness of the foil, length of the roll, gross weight of the foil and weight of the cardboard core. On request, we can supply you with stretch foils with high elasticity, high-quality silo foils and silo tarpaulins for agriculture and hygiene-certified packaging for the food industry. Put yourtrust in ourknow-how.

Your advantages in a nutshell:

  • Extensive know-how in packaging technology
    and load securing
  • Patented packaging technology in 3-, 7- and 9-layer production processes
  • Daily quality control of our packaging and stretch films
    in our internal test laboratory
  • Certification according to the globally recognized BRC Packaging Hygiene Standard
  • High environmental compatibility, sustainability & best raw materials
  • On request production of tailor-made special foils

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Industrial foils DUO INDUSTRY

Industrial foils made by DUO PLAST consist of pure polyethylene (PE) and, as multi-layer coextruded blown foils, adapt optimally to the shape of products and pallets. Our pallet foils have a high elongation and are available as machine stretch foils, hand stretch foils, narrow rolls, stretch hoods and in special designs. We will be pleased to assist you in choosing a suitable industrial foil and the optimum setting for your packaging machines, thus increasing machine throughput and the safety of your packaging processes.

Silo foils DUO AGRO

Silage foils by DUO PLAST are used in agriculture as UV-stable wrapping foils for the production of high-quality bale silage. Our agricultural stretch films are available in five different versions and, thanks to patented film technology and constant quality controls, guarantee first-class processing quality on all wrapping machines. DUO PLAST wrapping films have a high oxygen barrier and guarantee perfectly sealed silage. The outside of the stretch film is smooth and facilitates handling of the individual bales.

Food foils and foils for medical/pharmaceutical applications

Our food packaging and health foils are manufactured in hygiene-certified production and offer maximum protection for your products. They are available in several versions as barrier film or multi-layer film, as food-safe primary packaging for products and as fresh and long-life packaging. Our stretch foil DUO FOOD CONTACT is a film certified according to the EU Regulation No. 10/2011 for direct food contact and available in a thickness of 12 µm, 15 µm, 17 µm, 20 µm or 23 µm. A special feature is our transparent or translucent PE film DUO BODY WRAP, which is used in the wellness and cosmetics sector to reduce cellulite and strengthen connective tissue.

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Packaging machines DUO SYSTEMS

In addition to our packaging foils, we also sell first-class packaging machines for industrial use, which we integrate into our customers' logistics processes on request. As a sales partner of the machine manufacturer Robopac, Pamminger and Jürgens, we have long been mainly specialized in stretch and horizontal winders and shrink and welding machines. This gives you the opportunity to purchase your packaging films and your packaging machines from a single source and to coordinate them as closely as possible. We support you in the selection of the suitable machine and in the commissioning processand also offer you a comprehensive after sales service for the delivered machines. In addition, we have a machine showroom and a system configurator for individual solutions

Optimum load securing DUO LAB

The requirements for stretching products and pallets differ from product to product. Bucket goods require different stretch film and machine settings than bottles or sacks; drums and hazardous goods require different packaging materials than paper. With our DUO LAB technology centre for load and transport securing, we offer our customers a platform for optimising their packaging processes. Using state-of-the-art technology, you can carry out scientifically sound tests and analyses to increase the stability of your load units and optimise your entire distribution cycle. You can also take part in specialist seminars for further training. Our institute is approved by the German accreditation agency“DAkkS” for packaging tests and guarantees maximum transport safety.

Recyclable films DUO FOOTPRINT

Our biologically degradable films leave a green footprint in the packaging industry and represent the environmental responsibility of DUO PLAST. All stretch films are sustainable, bio-based and recyclable and are characterised by first-class quality and excellent workmanship. Available are the industrial films DUO EARTH 1, which is produced up to 80 % from renewable raw materials, DUO EARTH NO 2, which consists of up to 80 % recycled material and DUO EARTH 4 with at least 25 % of post-consumer recycled material. DUO EARTH BARRIERE is a printable barrier film for the food industry with high puncture resistance and very good weather tear resistance.


Would you like to know what is important when using stretch film for packaging your pallets and products?

Clearly, there is no general answer to this question. Because your pallet and
your products show a wide variety of requirements that need to be taken into account when stretching.

  • Bottles & Beverages
  • Tissue & Hygienic Paper
  • Drums & dangerous goods
  • Bagged goods & heavy cargo
  • Cartons & Boxes
  • Food

For all applications