Film manufacturer DUO PLAST

Innovative stretch films for industry, load securement, food and agriculture

DUO PLAST is a highly innovative stretch film manufacturer. The company holds multiple patents for films and also manufactures multi-award-winning sustainable films. Our product portfolio includes co-extruded blown films made from fossil-based polyethylene, organically-based PE films, and films containing a high percentage of recyclate. The recyclate comes from used films (PCR) or waste film cut-offs from the production process (PIR). This conserves resources.

High-quality stretch films from DUO PLAST are extremely resistant to tearing and puncture, and also come in a variety of specifications: food safe, UV-resistant, transparent, coloured, printed, perforated, etc. The development and testing of all PE films is performed in our own DAkkS-accredited laboratory, using scientifically-based, standardised methods. Naturally, as an innovative PE film manufacturer, DUO PLAST also fulfils the strict quality criteria of the ProStretch initiative. This enables the company to guarantee the highest safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability. In combination with advice on packaging and packaging optimisation, at DUO PLAST we offer our customers first-class, efficient and sustainable packaging solutions – even for tricky-to-pack products.

Film manufacturer DUO PLAST will impress you with

  • Comprehensive expertise in packaging technology and load securement
  • Certification according to globally recognised BRC Packaging hygiene standard
  • Daily quality inspection of the packaging films in our test laboratory
  • Patented co-extruded blown films for optimum safety
  • Highly eco-friendly and sustainable, using the best raw materials
  • Manufacture of individual special stretch wrap according to customer wishes

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Recyclable films – DUO FOOTPRINT

As a leading manufacturer of plastic wrapping, DUO PLAST takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. This is why we develop and manufacture stretch films from renewable raw materials (bio-based polyethylene) as well as producing films with a high proportion of recyclate from PE films (PCR recyclate) – entirely without compromising on product properties. It’s easy for customers to switch to more sustainable packaging with the high-quality packaging films from our FOOTPRINT series. This promotes the circular economy and conserves resources. DUO PLAST manufactures sustainable PE films for almost all applications. Use the expertise of the innovative PE film manufacturer from Germany. Make the switch today with DUO PLAST!

Eco-friendly packaging

Industrial films – DUO INDUSTRY

Stretch films made from bio-based or conventional PE plastics, with or without recyclate, will impress you with their fantastic tear-resistance, extreme elasticity and excellent puncture resistance. They are available as stretch wrap and tubular films in a variety of thicknesses and versions – for packaging heavy, lightweight and sensitive products, hot and cold packaged products, and for bundling. In addition to transparent films, coloured and printed films are also available. Stretch hoods are a cost-effective alternative to traditional shrink films, ideal for heat-sensitive products. DUO PLAST manufactures machine stretch films, hand stretch films, strapping films, narrow rolls, protective films and special films. Film manufacturer DUO PLAST will provide you with excellent advice and products – perfectly harmonised with your packaging machine!


Silage wrap – DUO AGRO

Plastic silage wrap from DUO PLAST, the manufacturer of stretch film, can withstand the harshest climatic conditions. They are food safe, highly tear-resistant, UV-resistant and have a smooth exterior. They can be processed safely and efficiently with all wrapping equipment for making silage bales. Our PE stretch wraps create excellent film bonding and therefore a robust oxygen barrier – the best prerequisites for high quality silage. We provide a one-year guarantee on the UV-resistance of our PE film – which is available as a conventional PE version or as PCR film DUO EARTH AGRO, made from recycled PE. Make the switch to sustainable film with the leading manufacturer in Germany!


Food-safe wrap – DUO FOOD & HEALTH

At DUO PLAST, food-safe wraps for direct contact with food and applications in the healthcare sector are manufactured in a production plant which has been hygiene-certified according to the global BRC Packaging hygiene standard. The multi-layer high-tech packaging films from the stretch film manufacturer DUO PLAST retain the aroma and freshness of the food perfectly. Our films are used as tubular films, stretch films and bags in direct contact with food, and as barrier films and resealable films. The food-safe polyethylene body wrap films are used in the health and wellness sector for activating the metabolism. When it comes to food packaging, you can rely on the experience and technology of the PE film manufacturer DUO PLAST!


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Packaging machines – DUO SYSTEMS

DUO PLAST produces first-class high-performance stretch film, and is also a sales partner for the packaging machine manufacturers Robopac, Pamminger and Jürgens. These are market specialists for pallet wrappers, case erectors, horizontal wrappers, strapping machines, shrink wrap and seal machines and automated guided vehicles (AGV) for pallets. DUO PLAST offers our customers ideally matched machine stretch films and packaging machines from a single source. The advantage: the packaging machines run smoothly right from the start and – should any problems occur – you have a single point of contact for everything. DUO PLAST offers an all-round service: individual consultation, commissioning, staff training, after-sales service incl. maintenance and repair work. Use the packaging expertise of DUO PLAST, the PE film manufacturer!


Optimum load securement with DUO LAB

We test the efficiency and effectiveness of packaging solutions in our own DUO LAB Technology Centre for load and transported product securement. We’ll find the optimum film packaging for products which are tricky to secure – such as hazardous goods or products sold by the bucket. We find the weak points of the method used to secure the load on the pallet. We find solutions for efficient, cost-effective packaging with optimum unit load stability. Our tests are scientifically based, accredited by DAkkS and use the latest technology. We also offer seminars on specialist topics. Stretch film manufacturer DUO PLAST can provide you with professional packaging optimisation: tested and perfectly harmonised machine stretch films and packaging machines ensure optimum effectiveness and efficiency. We would be happy to give you a non-binding quote!



Which stretch film is right for your application? That depends entirely on what you want to package! Under Applications, you’ll find the right stretch film for your product – as well as information on efficient packaging processes and solutions. We’re also happy to advise you directly and in person!