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Just imagine that your drums and hazardous materials were not sufficiently secured and an accident occurred while they were being shipped. You'd not only have to deal with damage to property and even injuries, you'd also face huge costs and paperwork. Do you really want that?

In order to prevent accidents causing injuries and damage from the outset, it's important that drums and hazardous materials be properly prepared and secured for shipping. The fact that the packaged materials and pallets must be joined extremely securely in such cases is the most important aspect that needs to be taken into account here. It's important that machines possess the correct settings and that suitable stretch films have been selected. Only when these two parameters have been properly adapted to each other will it be possible to process the stretch films in such a way that they will satisfy the demands of safe shipping.

Our DUO LAB Deutsche Technologiezentrum für Ladungs- & Transportgutsicherung is equipped with extensive testing technologies to enable the safety of packaging and complete load units to be tested for safety during shipping and to certify this safety on request.

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