When rolls of paper are being shipped from the paper factory to end users it’s essential to protect them from mechanical damage and adverse climate conditions. Stretch film may be used for axial wrapping as well as for axial and radial wrapping, i.e. wrapping paper rolls from all sides. Such packaging makes many demands on the stretch film: High puncture resistance that prevents the film from being damaged when the rolls are being handled, perfect film adhesion that protects it from humidity, perfect application tension to ensure the stability of the packaged goods and consequently to prevent the film from slipping off as well as to allow the paper rolls to be stacked on top of each other. But, above all, stretch film is the cheaper alternative to other more expensive packaging options.

DUO PLAST would be happy to draw on its many years of experience with packaging films to help you choose the stretch film that suits your needs. Our stretch films are manufactured using patented processes and are made from pure polyethylene that doesn’t contain any harmful substances – which means that no residues from adhesives can occur in the first place.


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  • thicknesses: 12 - 23 µm
  • reduced film thickness
  • with more than 300 % pre-stretch
  • enormous transparency

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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