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Opening lids, buckets ‘climbing’ when exposed to transport loads or stress whitening are challenges that are frequently faced when you need to secure your buckets. Add to this the irregular nature of the packaging, extremely sharp edges and a generally high weight on the pallets, it becomes clear that it's not easy to stretch-wrap bucketed products in such a way so that they are sufficiently stable and secure for shipping. So it's particularly important to set the machines correctly and use suitable and high-quality stretch films for such packaging. It's the only way to prevent lids from opening and buckets from ‘climbing’ while at the same time stabilizing pallets with stretch wrap and minimizing film consumption.

Our multilayer co-extruded bubble film specifically addresses these special demands. It is characterized by high point and tear resistance and creates high adhesion between the pallet and packaged goods. Our technology centre would, of course, be happy to work with you to develop an individual wrapping system to satisfy both the demands you make personally and those that are made by the law.

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