Sacks and heavy cargo

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You're probably familiar with the challenges of bagging products: Bags are usually heavy, sensitive to slipping and are characterized by sharp edges that may tear the film. A decision needs to made here whether to shrink- or stretch-wrap your pallets. The answer to this question is very clear in our opinion: Stretch-wrapping your pallet is the economic and safe alternative!

What you need is a stretch film that possesses extreme point resistance and high pre-stretch properties at the same time which will enable you to secure your pallets for shipping in the best way possible and keep the costs for packaging materials to a minimum. But it's not only all about the films you use, it also depends on the machines that they're being used on. We at DUO PLAST are always happy to help you coordinate your machines with the stretch films and optimize the interplay between stretch-wrap machines and films to achieve the best price-performance ratios.

Our DUO LAB technology centre is also always happy to help you develop individual packaging concepts for securing load units without unnecessarily interfering with your production sequences. The centre will not only test your stretch films but also such alternative packaging aids as anti-slip mats and different types of sacking.

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