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Film that tears during wrapping and poorly wrapped silage bales with subsequent silage spoiling – you're probably familiar with these problems. Such occurrences are a nightmare for any contractor and farmer because they can increase workloads, costs and time expenditure and can also cause the quality of the feed for your animals to suffer.

There are many factors that affect the quality of silage. These include for example the correct time for cutting grass, impurities in the silage and the proportion of dry matter. Choosing a suitable agricultural stretch film, however, will also decisively contribute to the production of the best silage and feed quality possible. But not all silage films are able to meet increasing demands.

Our agricultural stretch films have been made to satisfy these specific requirements. Our films have been adapted specifically to our customers' requirements: Extremely high tear and puncture resistance, superior film adhesion for exposure-proof bales, optimum oxygen barrier, uniform colouring and best yields. The patented adhesive-free production of our films delivers further benefits in addition to the reliable quality during handling. One additional advantage is that the films unwind comparatively quietly and another is that you'll also avoid residues of adhesive on the pre-stretch rollers.

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