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Wood is a sensitive product that needs to be safeguarded from light and moisture and that needs to be protected during shipping. When coloured stretch films are used, care should be taken that they possess good opacity properties, because this the only way to prevent undesirable ‘zebra stripes’ on your wood. It's also important that the stretch film possesses good adhesive properties, which will help keep moisture out. Such characteristics will prevent the film from becoming loose and the wood from being damaged during shipping and when it needs to be stored outdoors.

Our multilayer co-extruded bubble film specifically addresses these special demands. It comes with the best opacity properties and very good one-sided film adhesion. The patented adhesive-free manufacturing process used to make our stretch films prevents annoying adhesive residues on the wood while ensuring that your products are delivered in the best possible condition to your customers which will allow them to be further processed.

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