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2021 - Gold medal for DUO PLAST

The Sustainability Ranking of EcoVadis ranks DUO PLAST among the top 5 percent of plastic goods manufacturers on the topic: monitoring sustainability in global supply chains.


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Prizes and awards

2021 – Swiss Packaging Award

DUO PLAST won the Swiss Packaging Award 2021. The  DUO SHAPE EARTH 4 film is now  awarded by 4 sustainability prizes.


2021 – WorldStar Award

The DUO SHAPE EARTH 4 film with 25% post-consumer recyclate won other awards too: the international WorldStar Award in the Packaging Materials & Components category and in the Transit category. 

2020 – PackTheFuture Award 2020

The 8 µm stretch film, DUO EARTH 4, won the prize in the Ecodesign category. The film combines optimum load securement, low material thickness and at least 25% post-consumer recyclate.

2020 – Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2020

In August 2020, the DUO EARTH 4 film was selected as the winner of the Deutsche Verpackungspreis by the Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V. (dvi).

Products powered by innovation

2020 – films from the DUO FootPrint series

DUO PLAST films are also available as sustainable films made from organically-based PE, with post-industrial recyclate or post-consumer recyclate. 100% recyclable. Without compromising on product properties or ease of processing. For agriculture and securing pallets – recognisable by their green leaf symbol.

2016 – stretch films with a thickness of 8 µm

One seventh of the thickness of a human hair – the DUO XS film needs no more than this for securing and packaging unit loads while saving resources at the same time.


2007 – Patenting of the DUO DOPPELKANTE

The DUO DOPPELKANTE (double edge) film for transport packaging received the patent number EP2047985. The film combines low unrolling resistance, a low noise level, reduced necking, outstanding retention forces, and fantastic overlapping for the optimum transport safety – with 50% materials saving.

2002 – Patenting of a blown film with single-sided adhesion

DUO PLAST was awarded a patent for manufacturing a blown film with single-sided adhesion

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