DUO PLAST – Our Guidelines

1. Employees

DUO PLAST does not consider its employees as an expense factor, but as key players who cope with the challenges of the future with motivation, qualification and commitment.

2. Customers

DUO PLAST describes itself as an innovative, future-orientated problem solver with absolute customer orientation. We want to produce packaging economically as well as on time respectively in your demanded quality. With the charm of a medium-sized business we want to be alongside with our customers during the cooperation and collectively develop the future.

3. Medium-sized businesses

DUO PLAST represents along with its employees a medium-sized manufacturing enterprise which is lead by the management with responsibility and future-orientation. This is what our values like expertise, integrity, continuity and fairness stand for.

4. Location Germany

DUO PLAST is open to the world, but also avows itself to the location Germany and wants to make a contribution to secure jobs and wealth. This purpose demands qualified jobs, who allow outstanding quality and high value creation.

5. Environmental sustainability

Product designs and manufacturing processes at DUO PLAST are based on the principals of an environmental sustainability management. Materials and manufacturing processes are permanently improved.

6. Quality

As described in our quality management manual our basic essentials are highest quality, best qualifications and environmental protection. Permanent quality improvements of our products secure the jobs of all our company’s employees. Customer satisfaction is the measurement of our work and results from supplying products of high quality – which is permanently enhanced in a continuous improvement process.

The DUO PLAST team


Our service hotline is available Monday through Thursday from 7:30 to 17:00 and Friday from 7:30 to 16:00.

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