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DUO PLAST – social responsibility

DUO PLAST pursues a corporate policy that is characterized by honesty and fairness. Important ethical codes of conduct are observed and a fair behaviour with our customers, suppliers and employees is maintained.

As a leading manufacturer in the market for packaging films, we are aware of our corporate and social responsibility. Since the beginning of our business, we value honesty and fairness in dealing with our stakeholders. Our corporate activity is significantly determined by our Guidelines. In addition, we have committed ourselves to comply with the ethical and social principles of the GKV Code of Conduct.

Integrity and fair working conditions

As a medium-sized industrial company we commit to important values such as integrity, honesty and human dignity. Internationally recognized human rights are explicitly supported and children and forced labour categorically rejected. This applies to all of our plants and branches.

All our employees receive a fair wage for their work. Working hours comply with applicable national law and regulations to ensure occupational health and safety are complied with. In addition, we decline from discrimination in any form, disapprove physical or psychological violence and assure our employees a right to freedom of expression and privacy.

Sustainability and honesty

DUO PLAST stands for environmentally friendly and sustainable management and is committed to environmental protection and conservation of resources. Materials and production processes are constantly being developed and optimized.

As manufacturer of high quality packaging films, we stand for fair competition and expressly disclaim bribery and corruption. Fairness and honesty define our actions. Consumers protection standards are complied with and a relationship of trust with our business partners and government agencies is maintained.

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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