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Our technology centre is able to carry out extensive laboratory testing for the purposes of developing load-securing packaging concepts that satisfy your requests and requirements and comply with the legal demands that are made on the securing of load units.

It has to this end been equipped with the latest testing technologies that allow an analysis of entire load units to be carried out. This unique testing environment means that it's possible to develop and assess entire concepts for securing loads and transport materials. A system analysis of existing transport conditions constitutes the basis for the development of individually coordinated securing measures – from primary packaging to the complete load unit.

We will work with you to validate all challenges that transport faces and develop scientifically based tests, analyses and optimizations. This work will focus on the individual demands that you make on the packaged goods, the methods you employ to secure your goods and the corresponding packaging processes. We want to support you in making your shipping economic, safe and harmless for all concerned.

Your benefit – maximum safety

  • Protection of your products from external stresses and effects
  • Maximum load-unit securing through the development of individual packaging concepts
  • Optimization of your consumption of packaging materials
  • Optimization of your packaging processes
  • Internationally recognized test reports and certificates

The "Horizontal Impact" technology essentially consists of a computer-controlled driving carriage, which is applied with specific accelerations to the respective test specimen. The objective of this technology is the simulation of any interdependencies of horizontal influences to certain load units in order to prove stability to the specimen. To avoid break-downs of load units within your distribution the following measures are supposed to bring validation.

  • Through conscientiously selection of testing parameters such as impact duration, pulse intensity or thrust you can apply horizontal forces on the test-specimen until 15 g.
  • Horizontal influences often arise in practice from hitting walls or other loads by sudden acceleration or braking, clutching of rail vehicles using the shock device of train connectors.
  • In addition, we are able to analyse your load units with a high-speed camera system.
  • With knowledge gained from simulation and analysis it is possible to work out an individual concept for load security measures - this will foster the avoidance of disadvantages in transit through horizontal forces.
  • These finding-methods of restraining load units are of course applicable to any kind of transportation.

Due to the permanent transport-related influences your product is set to the constant danger of product damages. Therefore, secondary packaging has to affect not only the formation of load units but also a significant contribution to the protection of your goods to be delivered. Permanent burden of load units in vertical directions are those which demand a high stability to the packaging.

  • With the support by the "Vertical Vibration Platform" vertical shocks and vibrations are now being investigated so that you get the necessary assurance of the reliability of your packaging, both primary and secondary.
  • With this technology you are enabled to examine the behaviours of your load units triggered by truck suspensions, turbulences as well as the influences of handling in warehouses and distribution centres for example.
  • The importance of unbalanced masses of engines or structural vibrations of vehicles and containers can be identified with this technology.
  • In assistance with this technology we are also able to provide test methods to determine rejection rates of electronic components.
  • Through these special ways of valuating transport conditions you gain the confidence of a working package in line with a perfectly matched load security.

The "Pitch & Roll Module" has been developed especially for evaluation of rotations around the horizontal axis. These influences generated during transportation affect the stability of whole cargos and therefore the security of your goods.

  • In interaction with the Vertical Vibration Table this system allows us to gather detailed experience about the performance of primary and secondary packaging.
  • Any specific weaknesses in the primary or secondary packaging can be revealed.
  • Here the functional interaction with the Vertical Vibration Table covers a huge variety of application-oriented requirements – due to the possibility to apply several influences at one time the testing conditions can not be more practical.
  • Even those challenges which load units have to withstand amongst other load units can be investigated with this technology.

Flexible packaging materials have numerous advantages for the distribution. Especially stretch films provide a very simple and quick solution for the packaging of your goods to be transported. Strength and resistance are influenced by the present climatic conditions in each case. Adequate attention must be given to the selection and processing of the film. In regards to examine these influences due to their importance for security and stability of your load units, we have created a test environment with the given opportunity to suspend a climatic test environment for both extreme humidity and temperature. This technology can be applied in addition to the Vertical Vibration Table and the Pitch & Roll Module.

  • By the means of an adiabatic technology it is potential to simulate ambient temperatures from -25° C to +80° C and relative humidity of 15% to 95%.
  • Due to the arrangement of the technology periphery – especially the construction of the "Vertical Vibration and Pitch & Roll" test units within the climatic chamber – we can provide a unique testing environment for the investigation of complex loading requirements in connection with climatic influences.
  • You are able to investigate all different kinds of requirements in a whole periphery – for both the primary and secondary packaging.
  • The evaluated test results will support us to optimize and redefine the requirements for your packaging solutions in order to fulfill load restraining methods.

The claim for the performance of packaging is increasing constantly. With the growing awareness of requests for customized cargo transportation security the distribution conditions inevitably move into the focus of any analysis. The prevailing challenges must be known and mastered for all possible dispatches. To give you the guarantee that your products may be packaged and shipped optimally you have the opportunity to use distribution analysis with especially developed GPS-Systems.

  • The data collection is an accurate measure to provide knowledge about the influences out of your transportation in a very detailed way. For that reason it is the basis for the development of your individual load restraining methods.
  • Using special GPS-Systems your entire distribution cycle can be captured up to 30 days.
  • The measurements include both direct impacts such as forces and accelerations as well as indirect factors like temperature and humidity.
  • It creates a solid foundation for the simulation of your individual transportation requirements.
  • Through analyzing the data collected from transport and loading procedures risk assessment can be created – this is an essential yard-stick for the optimization of your load security set-ups.

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