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DUO PLAST launches second stretch film innovation “DUO RUNTEC” in 2022

DUO PLAST presents the latest and already second stretch film innovation for the year 2022 – DUO RUNTEC. A “Highest Performance” stretch film, which is characterised by high process reliability and very good holding forces.

DUO RUNTEC was developed as part of a project in the beverage industry. The aim was to develop a stretch film that could achieve optimum, but also reproducible, load unit stability with minimum material consumption and maximum process reliability on fully automatic packaging machines. The result is DUO RUNTEC – the optimum combination of maximum holding forces and minimum residual thickness.

Equipped with high-quality materials, DUO RUNTEC is ideally suited for demanding applications. Through the combination of these materials, the adhesion of the film has been optimally adjusted. These measures ensure improved unwinding behaviour and trouble-free processing. The DUO RUNTEC is ideally suited for fully automatic welding processes and allows the “foil sword” to slide out without interference. In addition, the film has a remarkably high transparency.

In addition to the beverage industry, DUO RUNTEC can be used in almost all sectors and, thanks to its extremely low material consumption, is a very good option for challenging projects which are often characterised by a strong focus on costs and consumption.



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This film can also be produced sustainably.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Bio-based from tall oil
  • Recyclate from used films
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