DUO Premium Stretch

With ProStretch guarantee

Hand stretch film with a ProStretch guarantee

DUO PREMIUM STRETCH is a top-class film which will impress you with its low material consumption and technical specifications. When it comes to package safety, it’s just as good as our machine stretch films: phenomenal puncture and tear resistance in all directions, excellent adhesion properties and huge retention forces ensure a high level of transport safety. The tremendous transparency ensures the visual presentation of the package is perfect. This hand stretch film is ideal for manual stretch-wrapping of disparate loads at changing locations. DUO PREMIUM STRETCH is available in many different thicknesses with a huge range of special versions. Naturally, it’s 100 % recyclable. To make handling even easier, order the relevant unrolling grips from DUO PLAST.

Thickness12 - 23 μm, special versions 7 - 100 μm
Width500 mm
linear meter/ roll300 - 500 m, individual running lengths
Sleeve diameter50 mm
Machine compatibilitynone - only hand stretch film
Sustainabilitymaterial saving, 100 % recyclable
Colortransparent, dyed, printed
Special specificationsindividual adhesive strength, antistatic, UV-stabilized: for film thickness 7 - 10 μm and 12 - 100 μm
Biobased film

The advantages of DUO Premium Stretch



enormous holding forces

highly transparent

material saving

dyed, printed


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PCR stretch film lightly colored

  • many thicknesses
  • pre-stretched automatic stretch film
  • excellent adhesion properties
  • ideal also for fully automatic machines
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PCR stretch film highly transparent

  • different thicknesses
  • resource-saving load securing
  • printing possible
  • perfect security for transport
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Pre-stretched machine stretch films

  • 5,5 to 10 µm
  • adhesive inside, smooth outside
  • with double edge
  • suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic machines
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Pioneer in sustainable films since 1998

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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