Hand stretch wrap

Excellent secured pallets

Excellent handling, retention force and safety

Products are optimally secured to the pallet with DUO PLAST hand stretch film (also called hand pallet wrap) – both for internal transport and on their way to the customer. Outstanding adhesion properties on the inner side of the pallet wrap ensure secure bonding and therefore stability. The exterior is smooth, thus preventing wrap from pallets sticking to each other. This feature is particularly important for a smooth loading process.

All the DUO PLAST stretch wrapping – no matter whether transparent, black or coloured – is highly resistant to punctures and tearing and has enormous retention forces. They are also optimized to use the least amount of material possible. They consist of 100% PE, without addition of PIB. This makes them environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle.

The advantages of our hand stretch wraps


resistant to tearing


highly resistant to punctures

available in different colours

DUO Premium Stretch

With ProStretch guarantee

  • Thcikness: 12 - 23 µm
  • Width: 500 mm, length on the roll 300 - 500 m
  • transparent, printed, coloured, e.g. as a hand stretch film in black
  • also pre-stretched, anti-static, UV-stabilized
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Pre-stretched machine stretch films

  • 5,5 to 10 µm
  • adhesive inside, smooth outside
  • with double edge
  • suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic machines
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Pioneer in sustainable films since 1998

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Sustainable hand stretch films – multi-award-winning

Our recycled hand stretch films with 30% recyclates from recycled films (post-consumer recyclate) combine the excellent properties of our stretch films made from conventional polyethylene with the aspect of sustainability through circular economy.

In terms of handling and safety, our hand-wound films are in no way inferior to traditional PE films. They have already won several awards in 2020 and 2021. Switch to more ecological films now. We are happy to advise you!


PCR stretch film lightly colored

  • many thicknesses
  • pre-stretched automatic stretch film
  • excellent adhesion properties
  • ideal also for fully automatic machines
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PCR stretch film highly transparent

  • different thicknesses
  • resource-saving load securing
  • printing possible
  • perfect security for transport
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Hand stretch films printed or perforated

Films can be used excellently as an advertising medium. The DUO PRINT hand stretch film can be designed cost-effectively using the 4-color flexographic printing process. Standard colors are: Blue, Black, Green, Red – individual color requests are also possible. Printed hand wrap films act as an advertising medium, e.g. by imprinting the logo. The packaging contributes to branding and distinctiveness. It acts as an anti-theft device by checking the integrity of the original packaging and as an anti-counterfeiting device: originals in original packaging.

If fresh goods, hot but also ice-cold products are wrapped in film on pallets, sufficient air circulation is important. The perforated DUO AIR hand stretch film allows air to reach the packaged goods. Soaked, soggy cartons, damaged labels and rust on cans are now a thing of the past. Sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables and plants can breathe easier. The perforated climate stretch film is easy to process, avoids condensation, enables easy sterilization and shortens the cooling and freezing times for frozen goods.


Individual printing

  • 10 µm thick for light goods
  • more linear meters per roll
  • outstanding transparency
  • for semi-automatic packaging machines
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Perforated for fresh, hot, ice cold

  • in many thicknesses
  • prestretched
  • full usable width
  • forklift friendly
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Hand stretch films directly from the manufacturer

As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of films, DUO PLAST offers you top-quality pallet wrap at attractive prices – for almost every application. Also read our informative recommendation for hand stretching. Would you like to buy hand stretch film, or would you like a consultation? The team at DUO PLAST AG would be delighted to hear from you: just call +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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