Machine stretch film

Optimum securement with less packaging

Outstanding retention forces, adhesion properties and manageability

Goods are optimally secured on the pallet with DUO PLAST pallet wrap. Excellent adhesion properties ensure outstanding film bonding and the best possible stability. The absolutely smooth exterior of the wrapping prevents its sticking to other pallets – ensuring the loading process runs smoothly.

All machine stretch films have excellent resistance to puncture and tearing while using the least amount of material possible. They are environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle since they consist of 100% polyethylene (PE) without the addition of polyisobutylene (PIB). DUO PLAST provides stretch wrapping for machines for nearly all applications. Our product range has films in a variety of thicknesses: not only the “classic” machine stretch wrap with 23 µm, but also very thin or very thick films with thicknesses ranging from 8 µm to 35 µm.

The advantages of our machine stretch wraps

resistant to tearing


highly resistant to punctures

standard holding forces

available in different versions


Stronger adhesion and tear resistance

  • material saving
  • for highest pallet security
  • Schnurbildung am Fuß
  • sichere Verarbeitung auf Vollautomaten



  • Thicknesses: 10 - 28 µm
  • reduced film thickness
  • with more than 300% prestretch
  • enormous transparency


Your solution for secure transport packaging

  • Thicknesses: 13,5 - 18,5 µm
  • outstanding elasticity
  • minimum wrap consumption
  • excellent transparency
  • fewer roll changes
More about DUO X.5


Pre-stretched machine stretch films

  • 5,5 to 10 µm
  • adhesive inside, smooth outside
  • with double edge
  • suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic machines
More about DUO SHAPE


The antistatic stretch film with Elastostat

  • Thickness: 23 μm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Elastostat share of 15%
  • excellent antistatic effect
More about DUO EX-TRA


Highest-Performance Stretchfolie

  • Strength: 14 - 19 μm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • up to 340% pre-stretch
  • Linear meter: 1800 - 2500 m
More about DUO RUNTEC

Pioneer in sustainable films since 1998

More about sustainable films
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Sustainable machine stretch films

Join the circular economy with us – for less waste and better conservation of resources. Our tried and trusted stretch wraps are now available as a sustainable DUO EARTH variant – with their usual excellent quality and entirely without compromising on product properties or manageability. The DUO EARTH 4 film from the DUO FootPrint series has won several awards.

In 2020 it was awarded the Deutsche Verpackungspreis and the PackTheFuture Award and in 2021 it won the Worldstar Award. Switch to our award-winning films – recognizable by their green logo. With at least 25% PCR, DUO EARTH 5 is the ideal film for optimal product presentation. Product information and EAN codes can be easily read and scanned through the film. Available are machine rolls and hand stretch films, of course pre-stretched and printed. We are happy to advise you!


PCR stretch film lightly colored

  • many thicknesses
  • pre-stretched automatic stretch film
  • excellent adhesion properties
  • ideal also for fully automatic machines
More about DUO EARTH 4


PCR stretch film highly transparent

  • different thicknesses
  • resource-saving load securing
  • printing possible
  • perfect security for transport
More about DUO EARTH 5

Stretch film for machines - transparent or individually printed

Turn your pallet into an advertising medium and protect your goods from theft: Because manufacturer originals are exclusively in original packaging! We print individually in 4-color cost-effective flexo printing process. Standard colors are: Blue, Black, Green, Red – individual color requests are also possible.

Alternatively, we offer you crystal-clear stretch films – ideal for tray packaging in the frozen food, beverage and food sectors, as well as for pharmaceutical products. As banding or stretch wrapping film, they replace the otherwise common shrink films. Our transparent stretch films for automatic machines combine optimum product presentation, legibility of product information and EAN codes, surface protection and excellent machinability.


Individual printing

  • 10 µm thick for light goods
  • more linear meters per roll
  • outstanding transparency
  • for semi-automatic packaging machines
More about DUO PRINT

Breathable machine stretch films - for fresh, hot & frozen products

With DUO AIR, you can consign wet and softened boxes, damaged labels, rust on tins of food and much more to history. The perforated climatic stretch film is easy to process fully automatically. This offers a solution for biological products which need to breathe, as well as products which are palletized while still hot, and frozen products.

  • biological products such as fruit, vegetables and plants can breathe
  • shortening of the cooling and freezing times for chilled goods
  • entire width of the stretch film can be used
  • high-strength and secure retention


Perforated for fresh, hot, ice cold

  • in many thicknesses
  • prestretched
  • full usable width
  • forklift friendly
More about DUO AIR

Machine stretch films directly from the manufacturer

As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of machine stretch films, we offer you top quality at attractive prices for almost any application. We will be happy to advise you on the right stretch film for your machine, whether semi-automatic, fully automatic or high-performance winder or the best hand stretch film for your purpose. The DUO PLAST AG team is looking forward to your call at +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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