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Retention films in membrane packaging – innovative and sustainable

Membrane packaging, also known as fusible packaging, is mostly made of corrugated board. They are a sustainable packaging solution that uses a minimum of material. Frequently, fuser packaging is used for the safe shipment of cell phones, laptops and circuit boards. Cardboard fixation packaging largelydoes away with filler materials as padding to protect the goods from bumps and shocks. Instead, the packaged goods are held on a firm base in the membrane packaging by means of a fixing film and finally fixed in a floating position at a safe distance from the outer sides of the carton.

Such fixation packaging places high demands on the film, which must be extremely flexible as well as puncture-resistant and tear-proof in order to protect even sharp-edged goods safely from impact and damage. Our DUO FIX transparent fixation film made of pure PE meets these challenges with flying colors. With it, goods not only survive shipping to the customer, but also possible returns. Due to its excellent recovery values, it is reusable and holds not only flat products more than once in the intended place in the fixation packaging.

The advantages of our retention films


highly resistant to punctures

highly transparent



Fixing film

  • Thicknesses: 20 μm - 150 μm
  • Width: 20 - 1.800 mm
  • especially suitable for horizontal winders
  • highly transparent
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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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