Munich / Lauterbach – „Unsurpassed Load Unit Security… scientific, objective, independent“ – under this slogan the innovative stretch film producer DUO PLAST presents their German Technology Centre for Load Unit & Cargo Security at transport logistic 2015 in Munich in hall B4, booth 142.

lipped packaged goods, crooked pallets and damaged products: These are annoying consequences that are often caused by the transport of goods and are all too well aware in companies. But that’s not all, nerve-racking discussions about the question of fault will follow and often end in time-consuming and cost-intensive complaints. But is that really necessary? If the German Technology Centre for Load Unit & Cargo Security had a say, these problems would be a thing of the past. With their unique testing-technologies the Technology Centre can simulate horizontal and vertical influences in combination with pitch & roll movements on the load unit realistically. Based on these “field-to-lab”-simulations holistic optimisation concepts can be developed, which improve the load unit security sustainably and ensure the customer maximum safety during the transportation.

Transport Safety Device by Load Unit Security

As a result of the increasing global transport volume the theme security in the movement of goods becomes more and more important. This development also can be seen in the raised appearance of legal regulations, which obligate the companies to a proper securing of the cargo. But there is often one thing misjudged: load security already starts with a secure and stable load unit. A stable load unit is already the foundation for a secure transport. Certainly in practice the real effects on a load unit during the transport process were underestimated the most. Such a neglect leads to accidents, which provoke personal injuries or material damages and as a result cost-intensive legal consequence for the Companies management team.

Reportable Load Unit Security

To reduce the cost-intensive consequences of an insufficient load unit security and to secure a transport for all participants a proper load securing has to start with load unit security. This is the starting point for the German Technology Centre for Load Unit & Cargo Security. The Technology Centre checks, develops and audits load security concepts for dispatchers, logistics companies and institutions. By using the unique testing technology of the Technology Centre neutral and individual optimisation concepts for a single load unit can be developed. These concepts assure the customers a legal load unit packaging and maximum safety.

Accreditation as Laboratory for Packaging Tests

Since July 2015 the German Technology Centre for Load Unit & Cargo Security is officially accredited as Laboratory for Packaging Tests by the German accreditation body DAkkS. The accreditation is an official seal of quality which assures the operations according to national and international auditing standards. Furthermore the accreditation guarantees independent operations with objective results. This sign of quality ensures validated testing results towards the customers, which also can be issued as recognised certificates. Due to the authorisation of the Technology Centre the certificates were recognised by international authorities.


This film can also be produced sustainably.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Bio-based from tall oil
  • Recyclate from used films
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