Load securement trainings

for the safety of people and products

Load securement workshop
transferring knowledge, raising awareness, strengthening the willingness to implement the necessary measures

Why are only around 60 % of loads properly secured? Is it a lack of time, a lack of awareness of the consequences of insufficiently-secured loads, or a lack of expertise? We can’t give you time. But in our load securement workshops and seminars held in our training facility at the DUO LAB Technology Centre, you can experience up close just how accelerations, curves etc. affect unit loads.

Benefit from our seminars and workshops to ensure your goods arrive at their destination undamaged. Don’t take any risks. Make packaging unit loads a topic on your agenda. Learn how goods can be secured in a legally-compliant and effective way: in line with the German Technical Control Regulation (Technischen Kontrollverordnung), as well as recognized standards such as DIN EN 17321, EUMOS 40509 or ISTA 3B.

Perfect interaction of theory and practice for sustainable learning

How much energy is needed to unbalance unit loads? Participants can experience the answer to this question live and direct at the DUO LAB, on our acceleration sled and vibration table. Our outstanding teaching concept and the linking of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in packaging development guarantee sustainable and long-term learning outcomes – which extend far beyond the theoretical communication of legal requirements.

In our transport packaging seminars, forces and energy are more than just formulae on a whiteboard: our DUO LAB enables the physical fundamentals of load securement to be experienced directly and specifically. It has been proven that it is your own practical experiences which are best retained by your memory – the best prerequisite for highly-successful learning and increased willingness to implement the learning outcomes.

Our seminars will turn you into an expert in load securement, and not just on road vehicles. We would be delighted to welcome you to our state-of-the-art training centre.

Workshop: Packaging & Load Securement

Target group:

Those in industrial companies who work in purchasing or technical areas and who are responsible for packaging equipment and load securement processes. The workshop is particularly suitable for forwarders, shippers and transport companies.


To be able to evaluate packaging equipment and securement processes for transport via truck, rail and ship. To identify potential approaches for optimizing processes to develop optimum, cost-effective and cross-company packaging solutions and load securement processes.


  • Packaging development and packaging optimization
  • Testing according to standards
  • Strengthening expertise by teaching participants about packaging equipment and load securement processes.
  • Testing of your company’s own unit loads in the DUO LAB – if arranged in advance (climate chamber, vibration table, horizontal acceleration sled)
  • If requested, video evaluations and documentation can be made available after the workshop

Dates and costs:

Customer-specific dates available on request. Workshops for individual participants (minimum group size 5): 09.09.2020

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