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Making packaging processes more economical and sustainable

Modern packaging processes are multi-layered and require a clear eye for detail. Questions of cost efficiency, sustainability and safety all need to be taken into account. Based on our 3-pillar concept, our workshop includes an on-site analysis of existing packaging processes and practical optimization recommendations. By taking those into consideration, your packaging process can be made more efficient and thus more profitable within a short time frame.


Many individual factors influence the cost of product packaging. In order to determine how these factors can be optimized, they must be brought together in a meaningful way. By looking at the cost of packaging material alone, you ignore essential questions such as:

  • Does the packaging process take place mechanically or manually?
  • How long does it take to pack a unit of goods
  • What material costs are incurred?
  • What operating costs (energy and personnel) are incurred in processing?
  • How high are storage costs and space requirements?
  • Are there additional costs for disposal and recycling?

At peak temperatures or UV radiation, primary packaging protects your goods from damage. Secondary packaging is used as additional protection to bundle units in transit.
Wrapped tightly with film, goods are combined into stable load units.

In order to keep the load secure at all times, an extremely tear-resistant and stretchable film is necessary. It must be hard-wearing during production, packaging handling and logistics. During transport, it must keep the goods stable during acceleration, in curves and during abrupt braking. This is only possible if the film is optimally matched to the product and the logistics process. DUO PLAST can give advice, can answer all your questions, and can optimize these processes with you together.

We use standardized, recognized procedures in our own DUO LAB technology center to determine for you whether your load units are up to the stresses of individual logistics.


It is obvious that modern packaging solutions must be sustainable and recyclable. According to the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), manufacturers and distributors of transport packaging are obliged to ensure that packaging is taken back, is re-used or recycled.

With our sustainable films, we are happy to take on this responsibility. DUO PLAST films are 100% recyclable. They consist of up to 80% post-industrial recyclate, at least 30% post-consumer recyclate or are bio-based on up to 80% renewable raw materials. This noticeably improves our carbon footprint and reduces packaging waste without having to cut back on product features. This is how sustainability works.

You too can benefit from our expertise in packaging optimization. We check whether bio-based films or films made from recycled materials are suitable for packaging your goods, so that together we can save resources.

Stretch films

Stretch films convince by their versatility. Whether as machine stretch or as hand films, they protect against moisture, dirt and damage. To guarantee this, our polyethylene stretch films are made of up to 9 layers. This means highest stability and transport safety for your goods. Even for meat, fruit and vegetables.



stretch films


Experience shows that packaging only works if film and machine harmonize with each other. Our long-standing cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of packaging machines is a key advantage. Selecting the right film for the machine is essential to achieve optimum productivity, especially for high-performance machines.



Low cost


In our technology center, transport loads are tested and examined with the help of various tests. In doing so, we strictly adhere to national and international testing standards.

This means that the results are not only validated, but can be handed out in the form of recognized certificates and test reports: Safety with a seal of approval!




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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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