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Industry 4.0: robotic autonomous pallet transport improves efficiency

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) make internal company logistics safer and more efficient. Compared with driver-operated industrial trucks, robotic automated guided vehicles are responsible for significantly fewer accidents and less transport-related damage. AGVs can be deployed flexibly depending on the amount of work, which reduces time-consuming staff planning and additional costs for shift work. AGVs don’t make mistakes and operate at a constant speed; ensuring optimum automated material flow within your company. DUO PLAST is happy to offer you extensive, individual advice as to whether driverless transport vehicles could make your packaging process more efficient.

The advantages of our driverless transport vehicles


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High safety standards


Driverless transport vehicle

  • Suitable for driverless transport with the help of a robot
  • Flexible to use
  • Maximum speed of 1.5m / s
  • Long battery life
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Automated Guided Vehicles – also viable for SMEs

Incidentally, AGVs are not only for use in highly automated manufacturing processes and production lines, or in large warehouses. Smart solutions and automated systems are also available for small and medium-sized enterprises which can quickly pay for themselves, e.g. using mobile robots for handling pallets within company premises and warehouses.

Pallet robots as a replacement for low lift trucks

Autonomous mobile robots are generally just as manoeuvrable and flexible as conventional driver-operated low lift trucks or pallet trucks. This means these trucks are easy to replace with cost-effective AGV pallet robots. These driverless transport systems don’t need expensive structural changes such as guidance systems built into the floor. AGV pallet robots find their way using modern sensor technology and virtual guidance systems.

Concerns regarding the safety of these types of automated guided vehicles for pallets are unfounded, thanks to legally required certified safety systems – such as emergency stop devices, warning systems with light and sound, person recognition systems, collision protection and autonomous braking.

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Pallet AGVs from Robopac

The “Integra” pallet robot from Robopac is a type of autonomous transport system at the interface between production, the warehouse and the packaging line, and/or the packaging line and the loading ramp operation. Using automated guided vehicles for pallet transport does not require any infrastructure – such as markings or patterns on the floor – so the robots are easy to integrate into internal logistics.

Advantages and features

  • Efficient, smooth operation
  • Flexible transport applications
  • Extremely safe (collision protection) thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology (LiDAR)
  • Long life batteries
  • Optimum remote monitoring thanks to track-and-trace solution
  • Energy recuperation via braking energy recovery
  • Easy to modify with software changes
  • Maximum error limit: 5 mm
  • Top speed: 1.5 m/s
  • Loads up to1.5 t and 675 mm high


Suitable for

  • Pallets
  • Mobile stands
  • Roller containers
  • Cramped conditions

Individual advice for driverless transport systems for pallets

Our staff at DUO SYSTEMS are experts in the design of sustainable and efficient packaging processes as well as in providing the greatest possible safety for internal and external logistics processes. Together with you, we’ll analyze your individual packaging process. We’ll find the possibilities and opportunities for integrating AGVs into your processes and, as part of comprehensive packaging optimization measures, uncover potential for boosting the efficiency of your packaging machines and films.

We’ll give you realistic assessments and recommendations as to whether and how you can make your packaging process safer and more efficient by using automation with pallet transport robots. We’d be happy to give you more information in a face-to-face meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

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