Pallet securing

Cargo safety on road, rail, sea, air

Every route is different – DUO PLAST’s reliability remains the same

Safe transport plays a critical role in the intrinsic value of your products. Whether the transport of goods is secure from a technical, temporal and economic perspective depends upon many factors. With four decades of experience, DUO PLAST specializes in developing customized solutions for load securement challenges. Always tailored to the client’s needs, always in partnership with the client. Whether road, rail, sea or air transport – we consider all the parameters: such as centrifugal forces, temperature fluctuations and air humidity. What’s more, we know the logistics regulations and legal requirements off by heart. This protects people’s lives and health, as well as saving costs – with increased load security.

The advantages of our pallet securing

Icon hohe Sicherheitsstandarts

safe load units

practical experience

economic solutions

tested pallet fuses

higher process security

maximised performance enhancement

DUO PLAST will also take on the global purchasing

As the European specialist in transporting goods safely, we’re also the ideal adviser for sourcing load securement products. We know which is the right solution for a particular situation, we know the European suppliers and can source raw materials through our global network. It goes without saying that all our products meet the national and international legal requirements and loading regulations.

  • Analysis – comprehensive analysis as a basis for further measures
  • Consulting – a detailed appraisal of the analysis results
  • Implementation – extensive test phase to determine optimum solutions
  • Global purchasing – specific selection of the most suitable products

Analysis – finding ways to make improvements.

The first step on the journey to optimum load securement: a thorough evaluation of the current situation, whereby we check all product properties, packaging materials and packaging methods as well as the specific requirements for storage and transport. Together with you, we’ll uncover which processes are the easiest and cheapest to optimize. Here, we always try to get the best out of your existing solution. It is often possible to achieve big improvements with some small changes.

Consulting – advice you can rely on.

Here we’ll explain to you in detail how you can optimize your existing solution – and the best way to integrate new ideas into your processes, economically and sustainably. We’ll discuss changes to your equipment as well as to the individual packaging materials, including their strengths and weaknesses. Then, together, we’ll come up with the most suitable plan for your requirements, to deal with all the issues effectively.


Our solutions for pallet securing

Testing technology


  • Acceleration
  • Brakes
  • Couplings
  • Handling work
More about testing technology

Laboratory for packaging testing


  • vibration
  • shocks
  • turbulence during transport via air
More about the packaging testing laboratory



  • temperatures between -25°C and +80°C
  • humidities between 15% and 98% RH
  • Sea climate
More about seminars

Implementation – getting down to business.

Time for the nitty-gritty. We implement the plan we came up with together to secure your loads. First, we test the capabilities of the existing materials and processes, then check out alternative options in detail. We compare the results and, with your help, come to the right conclusions regarding the necessary changes or adaptations.

Global purchasing – you want, we deliver.

We’ll only sell you what you actually need. As your expert partner, we centralize all purchasing activities for load securement and, with your input, select the solutions which suit you best. We generally rely on European providers when purchasing materials, but we’ll also use the advantages offered by the global market to source certain raw materials. Naturally, we ensure all products adhere to national and international legal requirements and loading regulations.

Packaging: safe, efficient, cost-effective

We optimize your packaging process

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