Silage films & wrap: high-quality PE films for silage

DUO AGRO – An animal-friendly solution

A perfect seal, UV resistance for 1 year, tear resistance and food-safe: DUO AGRO stretch films from DUO PLAST maintain the quality of your crop and ensure excellent forage quality thanks to their optimum oxygen barrier. Our silage films are produced in a patented, hygiene-certified, multi-layer blown extrusion process and are suitable as agricultural stretch film for wrapping round and square bales. Thanks to the best raw materials and regular quality assurance in our in-house test laboratory, they guarantee high operational reliability and smooth processing on the wrapper. We also offer special designs if required – just ask us!

Silage film: practical pluses

  • No telescoping of the rolls
  • High tear and puncture resistance
  • Maximum extensibility & yield
  • High safety
  • Low-noise unrolling
  • No adhesive deposits on the rolls
  • Easy bale handling thanks to smooth outer surface
  • Best colouring & opacity


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FAQ for farmers
Wrapping silage bales

Our FAQ for farmers: Wrapping silage balesThis is what you should pay attention to

Environmentally-friendly silage film disposal & recyclability

Protecting the environment, conserving resources and using environmentally-friendly raw materials are a priority at DUO PLAST. DUO AGRO wrapping films are made entirely of polyethylene and contain no harmful adhesives or foreign substances. As they are packed in printed cardboard boxes and wound on special cardboard cores, environmentally-friendly disposal of the films and packaging is easy – and they are also fully recyclable.

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DUO Plus Compact - The universal allrounder

Thanks to its extremely high tear and puncture resistance, DUO Plus Compact film is also ideally suited for bale silage with woody and dry stalks (haylage, maize, lucerne) and can be used on all types of wrapping equipment for round and square bales. It can be pre-stretched by more than 90 per cent. The film is available in 3 different sizes (750 mm / 1500 m, 500 mm / 1800 m, 1000 mm / 1200 m) and in special widths such as 250 / 360 / 375 mm. Colour options are ‘dark green’, ‘light green’, ‘black’ and ‘white’.

The environmentally conscious alternative - DUO EARTH AGRO

With our "Footprint" series, DUO PLAST is one of the first European manufacturers to focus on sustainability and environmental awareness in all product areas. The DUO EARTH AGRO joins this series. "Made in Germany" sustainability and quality. Let’s work together to make the world a cleaner place.

Net replacement film DUO BOND

DUO BOND (net replacement film) is our answer to the question ‘How can farmers increase the quality of their fodder in addition to using our high-quality agricultural stretch film?’ DUO BOND is a highly-durable net replacement film which, in combination with our agricultural stretch film, significantly increases the oxygen barrier and the quality of the fodder. Binding and wrapping film can be easily removed from frozen bales in a single operation and the additional film layers increase the mechanical protection on the bale shell. The oxygen barrier is improved by the additional film layers, which optimizes the silaging process and reduces potential forage losses due to mould formation.

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Do you have special requirements for your wrapping film?

Due to their versatility, DUO PLAST silage films are suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. We would be pleased to advise you on the choice of the right agricultural film and look forward to hearing from you.