Food wrap – quality and hygiene safety

Blown films from DUO PLAST withstand the hardest tests for food grade packaging films

When it comes to providing a high barrier to preserve freshness, moisture and aroma, to extend shelf life and avoid food waste, our food-safe PE films are the optimum solution. DUO FOOD & HEALTH packaging films for food protect sensitive products, such as meat, vegetables and baked goods, even under the most extreme conditions. The packaging is extremely sealable, even with a high number of cycles.

As a manufacturer of plastic food packaging films, we are not offering you run-of-the-mill polythene films, but high-performing plastic barriers consisting of multiple layers. DUO FOOD & HEALTH films are individually adapted to the relevant product. Our state-of-the-art production facilities for blown films, coupled with our expertise, means we can find solutions for even the most exacting requirements. We will find the optimum material for you – or create it – to ensure your product is safe. We are happy to advise you! Contact us to get the best food packaging solution for your products.

Advantages of DUO FOOD & HEALTH plastic food wrap

  • Food grade standard and extremely robust
  • Bespoke film construction
  • Hygiene-certified
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Individual printing
  • Excellent machinability
  • High-performance sealability
  • Easy to recycle


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DUO EARTH 3: Mono barrier films

DUO EARTH 3 is the perfect solution for those who want to do something good for the environment without compromising on a high-level oxygen barrier. DUO PLAST AG has worked closely with customers and raw material suppliers to develop a mono-PE barrier film that is classified as recyclable despite containing over 5 % EVOH. It is therefore the optimal replacement for non-recyclable multi-material composites. DUO EARTH 3's mechanical properties are of a comparable standard to those of non-recyclable solutions. It has a high level of stiffness and puncture resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of food and non-food packaging.

BRC Packaging-certified in the category “Hygiene” for all types of foods

As a food packaging manufacturer, it goes without saying that we have hygiene certification. We fulfil the standards required by the food industry for hygiene and processing, and are certified according to the BRC Packaging global hygiene standard. We ensure the safety of our films with our own quality assurance system. This identifies critical points in the production process which are monitored continuously. Annual audits confirm the safety of our food packaging for all types of foods. As a DUO PLAST customer, you are on the safe side with our packaging films.

Testing of food packaging in our in-house laboratory

Regular inspection of the packaging films by our in-house test laboratory is another factor for safeguarding quality and hygiene, guaranteeing you maximum protection for your products.

Manufacturer of food wraps for the packaging market: food wraps manufactured using coextrusion

For food grade packaging films, we use especially high-quality plastics. The plastic is converted to high-quality blown film during the extrusion process. Films made of multiple layers are manufactured using the coextrusion process. These coextruded multilayer films are especially suitable for ensuring hygiene and keeping the produce fresh, while at the same time acting as a barrier to prevent the food from being damaged or contaminated.

Ultra-modern extrusion equipment for special films

Our years of experience, coupled with our state-of-the-art 3, 7 and 9-layer extrusion machines, mean we are able to implement even highly-individual and specific requirements for food wraps. The construction of the film always depends on the product requirements: internal layers which come into contact with the food are of food grade standard. The layers in the middle act as a barrier. These retain the aroma and freshness and protect the food from external influences such as oxygen. The external layer is ideally suited for fusing with other packaging materials, and can be designed and printed in line with your ideas and wishes. This permits perfect presentation of the product.


DUO EARTH 3 is the solution for all those who do not want to do without a high oxygen barrier and still want to do something good for the environment. Mechanically, the DUO EARTH 3 is in no way inferior to the non-recyclable solution and is perfectly suited for use in various food and non-food packaging.
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DUO Barrier Films

DUO Barrier Films are characterized by high oxygen barrier, high water vapor barrier and good transparency. The intensity of the barrier is adjusted to your product and is variable via the composite structure.
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DUO Food Contact

DUO Food Contact films are ideally suited for direct contact with food of all kinds and are confirmed by the food law declaration of conformity of a renowned testing institute.
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DUO Body Wrap

DUO Body Wrap is the ideal cosmetic film for compression wrapping. The transparent or translucent, slightly stretchable PE film is excellent with excellent adhesive properties, free of foreign substances and absolutely food safe.
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DUO Cap resealable film for freshness and shelf life has an enormously high sealing power and ensures extremely uniform and easy opening. Thus DUO Cap is especially suitable for dairy products, fresh meat, confectionery and more!
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Stretch films: Food grade standard – in direct contact with the food

Food packaging which comes into direct contact with food products is subject to particularly stringent requirements. Naturally, our DUO FOOD CONTACT stretch film is certified with regard to food safety. It complies with the EU regulations for direct contact with food (EU Regulation No. 10/2011). We have a conformity declaration for this from an accredited test institute. This means our films are suitable for use as primary packaging for all types of foods, and can also be used for packaging raw materials for food production.

Product impact – optimum presentation of the product

DUO FOOD CONTACT creates a coating-like barrier around the food. This special type of food packaging and the high transparency of the film ensure the customer’s attention stays on the product. Nothing detracts from the visual impression. At the same time, the freshness of the packaged food can be clearly seen through the film coating.

Robustness – a barrier to impacts, damage and spoilage

Our flexible films are extremely stretchable. At the same time, they present a high barrier to puncturing or tearing in all directions, so that the foodstuff is optimally-protected during transport and storage. Non-stick: for excellent transport safety, the film’s outstanding retention forces ensure the exterior is absolutely smooth. This prevents film-covered products from sticking to each other during transport.

Recycling – focusing on sustainability

Our food grade stretch films are made of 100% PE (polyethylene). We do not use PIB (polyisobutylene) as an additive.

Processing – low noise and safe

Our stretch films are impressively quiet during the packaging process. Another point in favour of occupational health.

Available variants

  • Film thicknesses 12, 15, 17, 20 or 23 µm, external or internal adhesion
  • Machine rolls or hand rolls
  • With/without double edge