Industrial packaging: industrial films for product and pallet securement in industry

DUO INDUSTRY – Flexible, versatile and custom-made

Protection during long-term storage, product preservation and maximum transport safety: DUO INDUSTRY stretch films from DUO PLAST safeguard the value of your packages, are available in various designs and fully comply with international packaging standards. As protective and transport packaging, our flexible, multi-layer coextruded blown films are almost unbeatable: combining innovation, years of expertise in packaging technology and high quality in a single film. Our products are made of 100 per cent polyethylene (PE) and are manufactured using the best raw materials on ultra-modern facilities in a hygiene-certified production process. Talk to us – we can offer bespoke solutions for your industrial packaging.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Enormous holding strength for optimum transport safety
  • High extensibility & excellent adhesion properties
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Absolutely smooth exterior for trouble-free loading of pallets
  • Reduction of film consumption and disposal costs
  • Quality assurance through regular checks by our in-house test laboratory
  • Environmentally-friendly & easily-recyclable industrial packaging


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Are you looking for special packaging solutions for industrial applications?

Whether perforated or dyed films, laminate films or jumbo rolls, cover films or bags: we can make many things possible for you. Our customers receive bespoke quality films for precisely-fitting industrial packaging. Get in touch with us!

Are you looking for sustainable films? We’ve got them.

We offer you solutions that work. Our sustainable DUO EARTH 4 from the DUO FootPrint series with at least 25% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) has won several awards. In 2020 it won the Deutsche Verpackungspreis and it won the PackTheFuture Award, Worldstar Award in 2021. For us, this is both a reward and an incentive to offer you our well-proven films as a sustainable variant too: made from post-consumer recyclate, organically-based polyethylene or with a high proportion of post-industrial recyclate. You can recognize our sustainable films by their green logo. Is your favourite film not included, or you need a specially-customized film? Then get in touch with us.

Machine stretch film

From freezer film to printable packaging film and breathable climatic film: we offer our customers the right packaging solution for every machine application. We have 10 high-quality types/brands of machine stretch films in different widths and thicknesses for packaging, transport and marketing. These can be processed much more evenly and quickly than hand stretch films, thanks to optimally-adjusted stretch machines. In this way, packaging costs and delivery times are reduced many times over. Our packaging experts will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate industrial film – and increase your machine throughput and packaging efficiency by adjusting your line to the optimum settings. Our company's product range: • DUO Double Edge • DUO Power Stretch • DUO High Performance • DUO Prestretch DDK • DUO X10 • DUO XS • DUO Print (printable film) • DUO Air (climatic film / perforated stretch film) • DUO Chrystal Clear (high-transparency film) • DUO Frozen (deep-freeze film)
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Hand stretch film

Hand stretch films from DUO PLAST are suitable as industrial packaging for small requirements, i.e. the daily stretching of a few pallets via a manual dispenser as dust and dirt protection, as well as for manually securing your picked goods. Our small hand rolls are available in various sizes, are considerably lighter than PE machine stretch films and can be used for numerous individual applications. Our company supplies stretchable/not pre-stretched and ‘pre-stretched with double edge’ industrial films. Our company's product range: • DUO Prestretch DDK • DUO Premium Stretch • DUO 007 • DUO X10 • DUO XS • DUO Print (printable film) • DUO Air (climatic film)
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Narrow rolls

DUO PLAST's mini stretch films are used for packaging small products such as books, and are suitable for use with a manual dispenser or machine processing. As shipping packaging, they can be used to secure doors, drawers or cupboards; as protective packaging, they protect sensitive surfaces from scratches; as industrial packaging, they bundle long wooden or metal products or firmly fix cartons and boxes for transport. Our product: • DUO Piccolo
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Stretch hood

The stretch hood or expansion tube is a modern and cost-effective alternative to the conventional shrink hood. Combined with a bottom sheet, the stretchable tubular film provides reliable protection against dirt and moisture. The horizontal and vertical tension of the stretch tube provides high package stability and five-sided protection. DUO PLAST stretch hoods are available in different film thicknesses, so that even pressure-sensitive goods can be packed in the best possible way. • DUO Robusta
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Special film

As an innovative manufacturer of high-quality industrial packaging, we orientate our product development towards the requirements of the market and develop tailor-made solutions for the most diverse areas of application. Our product range includes protective packaging for smooth and painted surfaces, as well as fixing films for packaging mobile phones and laptops. We also supply bands for bundling products, industrial packaging for temporary storage of raw materials, recyclable materials and waste, as well as industrial films for bale packaging. Our company's product range: • DUO Protect • DUO Fix • DUO Strap • DUO Bale Wrap • DUO Terra Wrap
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