Bundling films: for reliable bundling and film strapping

DUO PLAST bundling films – food-safe and 100% recyclable wrap

DUO PLAST strapping films don’t just bundle products safely and reliably. They are also suitable for particularly sensitive products, where food-safe properties are important. Thanks to their high elasticity and defined restoring forces, our special films provide an ideal alternative to conventional shrink wrap. DUO PLAST strapping films are primarily designed for use and processing by machines and, less frequently, as hand stretch films. They have outstanding machinability on all common packaging machines, and are available in different widths and thicknesses.

If the standard versions of our films are not suitable for packaging your product, we are happy to adapt the parameters upon request. At DUO PLAST you will receive a bundling film which 100% fulfils your requirements.

DUO PLAST bundling film – potential applications and advantages

  • Special formulas enable a reduction in thickness
  • Wrap absolutely food-safe
  • Wrap available in transparent or coloured versions
  • Environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle
  • Suitable for all machines

As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of films, DUO PLAST offers you strapping films at attractive prices – also adapted to your individual requirements – for almost every application. If you’d like to find out more, get advice or a quote for strapping and bundling films, then please contact us. The team at DUO PLAST AG would be delighted to hear from you: just call +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

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Bundling films

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DUO STRAP – the strapping film for bundling nearly everything

Our bundling films are available in different widths and thicknesses – or according to your specific requirements. DUO PLAST manufactures transparent, coloured and even printed strapping films. As there is a broad spectrum of applications for bundling films, our overview is just an example, showing a small cross-section of the applications our films have been used for to date: • carrier film for pallet labels, e.g. in the drinks industry • bundling of infusion tubes • strapping of greetings cards and pharmaceutical packages • securing unstable pallets in the frozen sector • securing articles for sterilization - the strapping films are available in a variety of versions: • widths: from 20 mm • thicknesses: 15-90 µm • custom versions available

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