Hand stretch wrap: the all-rounder – from dust protection to securing pallets

DUO PLAST hand stretch films: excellent handling, retention force and safety

Products are optimally secured to the pallet with DUO PLAST hand stretch film (also called hand pallet wrap) – both for internal transport and on their way to the customer. Outstanding adhesion properties on the inner side of the pallet wrap ensure secure bonding and therefore stability. The exterior is smooth, thus preventing wrap from pallets sticking to each other. This feature is particularly important for a smooth loading process.

All the DUO PLAST stretch wrapping – no matter whether transparent, black or coloured – is highly resistant to punctures and tearing and has enormous retention forces. They are also optimized to use the least amount of material possible. They consist of 100% PE, without addition of PIB. This makes them environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle.

Elastic or pre-stretched films are available on rolls in different thicknesses and widths – as a pre-stretched hand stretch film in thicknesses 5.5 µm, 7 µm, 8 µm and 10 µm, and not pre-stretched in 8 µm, 10 µm, 12 µm, 15 µm, 17 µm, 20 µm and 23 µm: with and without printing in different colours, and as a transparent version.

Hand stretch films – uses and advantages

  • Excellent securing for transport, with minimum material consumption
  • Products are protected from dust and moisture
  • Environmentally-friendly and recyclable
  • Wrapping for products which require air circulation
  • Optimum presentation thanks to transparent stretch wrap
  • Printed films for brand protection
  • For packaging at different locations

As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of films, DUO PLAST offers you top-quality pallet wrap at attractive prices – for almost every application. Also read our informative recommendation for hand stretching. Would you like to buy hand stretch film, or would you like a consultation? The team at DUO PLAST AG would be delighted to hear from you: just call +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

Sustainable hand stretch films – multi-award-winning

Our tried and tested hand stretch films are now available as a sustainable variant with 25% post-consumer recyclate – naturally with the excellent product quality our customers have come to expect. The innovative hand stretch film DUO EARTH 4 is so outstanding that it has already won several prizes. In 2020 it won the PackTheFuture Award and the Deutsche Verpackungspreis, and in 2021 it won the Worldstar Award. Make the switch now. We are happy to advise you!

DUO EARTH 5 - highly transparent film

With at least 25% PCR, DUO EARTH 5 is the ideal film for optimal product presentation. Product information and EAN codes can be easily read and scanned through the film. Available are machine rolls and hand stretch films, of course pre-stretched and printed.


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DUO Premium Stretch – proven top-quality

Our transparent stretch wrap, DUO Premium Stretch, is so good that we’ve given it the ProStretch guarantee. All rolls have a width of 500 mm. We offer appropriate dispensers with the rolls, to make them easy to handle. This stretch film is particularly suited to the following applications: • stretch wrapping pallets by hand to secure them for transport • packaging varied, disparate loads • packaging loads at changing locations - The film is available in many different variants: • hand stretch film thicknesses: 23 µm, 20 µm, 17 µm, 15 µm and 12 µm (different thicknesses also available as special versions) • length on the roll: 300 m or 500 m, depending on the thickness. (Rolls with customized lengths are also possible.) • colours: transparent, printed, coloured, e.g. as a hand stretch film in black • other properties: pre-stretched, anti-static, UV-stabilized
ProStretch guarantee

DUO PRESTRETCH DDK - highest transport security

Featuring the patented DUO double-edge (DDK), the pre-stretched hand stretch film DUO PRESTRETCH DDK offers optimum transport security. The double edge makes this hand wrap film twice as strong and tear resistant as films without a double edge. The unique mesh structure, better overlapping, reduced necking, as well as roping at the pallet base ensure outstanding stability for blown films with DDK. In addition, this stretch film has a range of other advantages: • reduced packaging and disposal costs due to less film consumption • more length on each core = fewer roll changes and reduced storage space requirement • less force required for manual processing • easy to process thanks to special roll winding • better retention forces than conventional stretch films - This hand wrap film is also available as a machine stretch wrap.

DUO 007: extremely thin – extremely safe

Like the DUO PRESTRETCH DDK, DUO 007 is a pre-stretch wrap featuring our patented double edge (DDK) for more security with less material: a thickness of 7 µm (14 µm at the edges) with a film width of 450 mm is sufficient to offer you all the advantages of a stretch wrap, and more besides: • low force requirement for stretching • minimal stretch film consumption • highest productivity with 700 m on each core

Minimum packaging – maximum efficiency: DUO X10

The DUO X10 hand stretch film is ideal for protecting against dust and moisture and transporting products within the company. It is designed for transporting light goods within a company. You get maximum performance with a minimum of film. DUO X10 offers: • more length on each core • minimal storage space required •reduced film consumption and fewer roll changes • reduced disposal costs • excellent transparency

XS – extra-thin, extra eco-friendly

With XS, DUO PLAST offers you a stretch film which is even thinner than the X10. A gossamer thin 8 µm drastically reduces film consumption, while the high elasticity remains the same. This hand stretch film will protect your products from dust and moisture and ensure good stability when transporting products within your company. This gives you the following advantages: • minimal film consumption • lowest cost per pallet • eco-friendly thanks to use of fewer resources • reduction of disposal costs • high elasticity despite reduced film thickness - This hand stretch film is also available as a machine pallet wrap for semi-automatic machines with a mechanical brake.

Individual printing – brand protection and brand management with DUO PRINT

Plastic films are ideally suited for use as a marketing medium. DUO PLAST hand stretch films can be inexpensively printed in 4 colours using the Flexo printing process. Standard colours are: blue, black, green, red – individual colours are also possible. This film combines the qualities of DUO PLAST stretch films with regard to processing and transport and, in addition, offers the following: • the film acts as a marketing medium e.g. for printing a logo • packaging supports brand management and distinctiveness • theft-protection thanks to tamper-proof original packaging • protection from piracy – original products exclusively in original packaging

DUO AIR – everything which needs to breathe

Fresh products, hot products and frozen products all need sufficient air circulation. DUO AIR hand stretch film allows air to reach the packaged product. Wet and softened boxes, damaged labels and rust on tins of food can be consigned to history. Sensitive products such as fruit, vegetables and plants can breathe. The perforated climatic stretch film is easy to process, and is particularly forklift-friendly. Its entire width can be used. It is suitable for: • biological products such as fruit, vegetables, plants and eggs • hot-palletized products (avoiding condensation, simple to sterilize) • frozen goods (shortens the cooling and freezing times) - This hand stretch film is also available as a machine stretch film.

Use the shape effect with our DUO SHAPE film

Discover our solutions for resource-saving optimization of your load securing process. Our pre-stretched machine and hand stretch films combine material savings with defined load securement: • high puncture and tear resistance • good film bonding • improved edge protection • mirror-smooth exterior & good adhesion - DUO PLAST offers a range of widths and thicknesses. For the best possible optimization, DUO PLAST is happy to manufacture individual special solutions tailored to your needs

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