Machine stretch film: optimum securement with less packaging

DUO PLAST machine stretch wrap: outstanding retention forces, adhesion properties and manageability

Goods are optimally secured on the pallet with DUO PLAST pallet wrap. Excellent adhesion properties ensure outstanding film bonding and the best possible stability. The absolutely smooth exterior of the wrapping prevents its sticking to other pallets – ensuring the loading process runs smoothly.

All machine stretch films have excellent resistance to puncture and tearing while using the least amount of material possible. They are environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle since they consist of 100% polyethylene (PE) without the addition of polyisobutylene (PIB). DUO PLAST provides stretch wrapping for machines for nearly all applications. Our product range has films in a variety of thicknesses: not only the “classic” machine stretch wrap with 23 µm, but also very thin or very thick films with thicknesses ranging from 8 µm to 35 µm.

Machine stretch wrap – use and advantages

  • Films for securing lightweight and heavy packaged goods for transport
  • Stretch wrap with integrated roping (DUO DOUBLE EDGE - DDK) for optimum binding of the packaged goods to the pallet
  • Protection from dust and moisture
  • Perforated films (DUO Air) for all products requiring air circulation
  • Special films for processing at extreme temperatures, e.g. in the frozen goods sector (DUO Frozen)
  • Individually-printed films (DUO Print)
  • Highly-transparent films for optimum presentation of your products (DUO Crystal Clear)

Sustainable films – for your application too

Join the circular economy with us – for less waste and better conservation of resources. Our tried and trusted stretch wraps are now available as a sustainable DUO EARTH variant – with their usual excellent quality and entirely without compromising on product properties or manageability. The DUO EARTH 4 film from the DUO FootPrint series has won several awards. In 2020 it was awarded the Deutsche Verpackungspreis and the PackTheFuture Award and in 2021 it won the Worldstar Award. Switch to our award-winning films – recognizable by their green logo. We are happy to advise you!

DUO EARTH 5 - highly transparent film

With at least 25% PCR, DUO EARTH 5 is the ideal film for optimal product presentation. Product information and EAN codes can be easily read and scanned through the film. Available are machine rolls and hand stretch films, of course pre-stretched and printed.


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Stronger adhesion and tear resistance: DUO DOUBLE EDGE (DDK)

Twice the grip – a double edge is integrated in the upper and lower ends of the film roll! The double edges of the DUO PLAST DDK stretch film makes it doubly strong and tear resistant, when compared to conventional machine stretch films. Double-edged films provide the highest pallet security and material saving thanks to safe processing on fully-automatic machines, a mesh structure, and secure binding of the pallet and the packaged product thanks to roping at the pallet base. The differences to standard stretch films: • higher tear resistance (static and dynamic) • higher elasticity – 10% higher maximum stretch • improved retention forces while using less material • lower unrolling resistance throughout the entire roll • safe for fully-automatic processing • reduced noise level when unrolling - DOUBLE EDGE is available as machine stretch film and as hand stretch film.

Highly-elastic: DUO POWER STRETCH machine stretch films

Patented by the manufacturer and deservedly so: the transparent POWER STRETCH machine stretch film. It is suitable for semi- and fully-automatic processing with a pre-stretch of over 300%. It does not only have the typical properties of DUO PLAST machine stretch films – such as excellent puncture and tear resistance, outstanding adhesion properties and retention forces for maximum transport safety, eco-friendliness and recyclability – but offers a lot more: • outstanding transparency • reduced film thickness = more metres on the roll, reduced storage space requirement, reduced setup time • a choice of internal or external adhesion • special versions: colour, printing, pre-stretch, antistatic, UV stabilization - As a machine stretch film manufacturer, we offer you three basic types of stretch films for semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping: • NG 1 pre-stretch up to approx. 200%, also as an alternative to cast films • NG 2 pre-stretch up to 280% • NG 3 pre-stretch ≥ 300%

Your solution for secure transport packaging: DUO X.5

These transparent machine stretch films were designed for processing on high-performance wrappers and offer outstanding elasticity. The best prerequisites for a smoothly-running packaging process and safe transport. Here are the advantages at a glance: • outstanding elasticity (more elastic than well-known high-performance films) • minimum wrap consumption • reliable processing • fewer roll changes • reduced disposal costs • excellent transparency

Pre-stretched machine stretch films – for improved transport safety

Pre-stretched blown films such as the DUO PRESTRETCH DDK offer optimum transport safety. DDK stands for DUO DoppelKante (DUO Double Edge), for increased stability and a reduction in film consumption. It’s the solution if storage facilities for rolls are limited. This machine stretch film – which is also available as a hand stretch film – offers you: • good pallet stability • lower film consumption • more metres per roll • fewer roll changes • reduced storage space requirement • less force required for manual processing • easy to process thanks to special roll winding

Minimum packaging – maximum efficiency: DUO X10

10 µm - more than this isn’t necessary for transporting lightweight goods, transporting within the company, or providing protection from dust and moisture. As a manufacturer, it is important to us to use the minimum of material to maximum effect. We have achieved this with our DUO X10 stretch film: • more metres on each roll • fewer roll changes • reduced space requirement • reduced disposal costs • excellent transparency

DUO XS: gossamer thin – for even less film consumption

If you’d like to reduce your film requirement even further, we recommend you use our DUO XS “xtra slim” machine stretch film. This will help you reduce the cost of your packaging even further: • minimalist film consumption • the lowest cost per pallet • protect the environment by using fewer resources • reduction of disposal costs • high elasticity despite reduced film thickness - This stretch film can be used on semi-automatic machines with a mechanical brake or as a hand stretch film.

Individual: your design on DUO PRINT

Use your film for marketing! Our DUO PRINT machine stretch film can be inexpensively printed in 4 colours using the Flexo printing process. Standard colours are: blue, black, green, red – individual colours are also possible. At the same time, this machine stretch wrap offers the outstanding properties of DUO PLAST machine stretch films for processing and transport. Advantages of a printed film: • advertising by printing your logo • brand management and distinctiveness thanks to individual packaging • theft-protection thanks to tamper-proof original packaging • protection from piracy: original products only available in original packaging

Breathable machine stretch films – for fresh, hot and frozen products

With DUO AIR, you can consign wet and softened boxes, damaged labels, rust on tins of food and much more to history. The perforated climatic stretch film is easy to process fully automatically. This offers a solution for biological products which need to breathe, as well as products which are palletized while still hot, and frozen products: • biological products such as fruit, vegetables and plants can breathe • avoid condensation on hot-palletized products • simple sterilization for hot-palletized products • shortening of the cooling and freezing times for chilled goods • entire width of the stretch film can be used • high-strength and secure retention - The film is available as a machine stretch film and a hand stretch film, as well as pre-stretched.

Transparent and crystal clear – DUO Crystal Clear machine stretch film

This machine stretch film offers the best view of your products. This makes it particularly suitable for tray packaging in the frozen, drinks and food sector, but also for the pharmaceutical industry. As strapping or stretch wrapping film it replaces conventional shrink wrap. It is particularly suitable if the following features are important to you: • optimum product presentation • surface protection • saving of material and costs • readability of product information and EAN codes • excellent machinability - DUO PLAST offers a range of widths and thicknesses individually tailored to the needs of our customers.

Extreme cold? No problem for DUO FROZEN

Even packaging frozen products at very low temperatures below zero is no problem for this film. Despite adverse climatic conditions, it remains elastic and can even be processed by high-performance stretch wrappers. Here is an overview of the advantages: • no additional consumption despite extreme temperatures • excellent film quality saves material • DUO double-edge films possible • food safe film versions for direct contact with food (DUO FOOD CONTACT) • different colours available - These films are available as machine or hand rolls with film thicknesses between 12 µm and 35 µm.

DUO SHAPE: pre-stretched machine stretch films

Discover our pre-stretched machine stretch films to secure your load and conserve resources at the same time. They unite material savings with defined load unit securement thanks to: • high puncture and tear resistance • improved edge protection • saving of material and costs • good adhesion - DUO PLAST already offers a range of widths and thicknesses, but is also happy to manufacture individual special solutions tailored to your needs.

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