Mini stretch wrap: bundle, pack and protect with mini pallet wrap

DUO PLAST narrow rolls – THE strong alternative to tape and shrink wrap

Mini stretch wrap, often also referred to as mini stretch film rolls, are available from DUO PLAST in different widths, starting from 20 mm. They are used for packaging and bundling and can be processed either manually or by machine. With their outstanding elasticity, these mini wraps provide the best protection for transport and also feature excellent puncture and tear resistance. The narrow polythene film rolls are an alternative to securing products for transport using straps or shrink wrap. Like all DUO PLAST pallet stretch wrap, they are made from 100% PE, without the addition of PIB.

Mini stretch films – uses and advantages.

  • Minimal use of film, thanks to extreme elasticity of the wrapping
  • Secure pallet transport thanks to excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • Optimum film bonding thanks to the best adhesion properties
  • Trouble-free loading thanks to the smooth exterior
  • Easy manual processing with dispenser
  • Pack automatically and rapidly, e.g. with a horizontal stretch wrapping machine
  • Environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle

As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of stretch films, DUO PLAST offers you top-quality mini stretch wrap at attractive prices, for almost every application. Would you like to purchase mini rolls, or do you need advice on the best film for your application? The team at DUO PLAST AG would be delighted to hear from you: just call +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

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Narrow rolls

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DUO PICCOLO narrow roll – a perfect grip

Our transparent DUO PICCOLO mini stretch film is extremely flexible and elastic – like all our stretch films. Thanks to their adhering surface, film bonding with narrow rolls is excellent, enabling optimum transport safety. As our films contain no PIB, they also do not leave any adhesive residue on the packaged goods. The DUO PICCOLO mini stretch films are particularly suited to packaging and securing products which are not fully packaged in wrap: • packing, bundling and protection of long products (profiles, strips) • securing for transport (doors, drawers, cupboards) • holding commissioned goods (cartons, boxes) in place - Standard DUO PICCOLO versions: • rolls for machines or rollers • film widths: from 20 mm • film thicknesses: 7 - 100 microns • internal sleeve diameters: 25-76 mm • cardboard or plastic sleeves • colours: transparent, black or colour-printed • elastic or pre-stretched - We also manufacture mini stretch wrap in bespoke widths and thicknesses, specially-adapted to the individual needs and packaging requirements of our customers. Please contact us if you’d like more information or a specific quote.