Special film: rising to special challenges, with retention films and films for intermediate storage

Films in membrane packaging, for intermediate storage of bales of waste, for bale packaging and more

We use the term “special film” to refer to films for special applications. This includes the films used for cardboard retention packaging (as an eco-friendly alternative to padding), films for secure intermediate storage of raw materials, reusable materials and waste, and special wrapping for different types of bulk goods, for example in the quarrying industry. All DUO PLAST films combine outstanding quality and performance, and excellent properties for processing.

Advantages of all DUO PLAST special films

  • Outstanding elasticity
  • Extreme puncture resistance
  • High retention forces
  • Absolutely smooth exterior
  • Excellent transparency or high opacity
  • Excellent machinability
  • 100% PE, without addition of PIB
  • Easy to recycle

As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of films, DUO PLAST offers you a world of top-quality special films at attractive prices, for a wide range of applications. If you can’t find the right film for your needs here, please get in touch with us. We love a challenge and would be happy to develop a film for you which 100% fits your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you. You can reach the DUO PLAST AG team on +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

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Special films

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Retention films in membrane packaging – innovative and sustainable

Membrane packaging, also called retention packaging, mainly consists of corrugated cardboard. This is a sustainable packaging solution which makes do with a minimum of material. Retention packaging is often used for the secure shipment of mobile phones, laptops and circuit boards. To a large extent, retention packaging made of cardboard does without filler materials used as padding to protect the products from impacts and vibrations. Instead, the product is fastened to a solid base in the membrane packaging using fixation film, and is subsequently fixed “floating” at a safe distance from the exterior of the box. This kind of retention packaging is very demanding for the film, which needs to be both extremely flexible as well as puncture and tear resistant to safely protect products from impacts and damage – even products with sharp edges. Our transparent, pure PE DUO FIX retention film overcomes these challenges with flying colours. This film will not just withstand the product’s journey to the customer, but any return journeys too. Thanks to its excellent elastic recovery values, it can be reused and is able to hold products (not just flat ones!) in their intended place in the retention packaging – multiple times. Advantages of DUO FIX retention film: • best elasticity with outstanding elastic recovery values • extreme puncture resistance • excellent transparency • good pre-treatment options • high retention forces for adhesion • cost reduction thanks to padding being unnecessary • multiuse - Versions: • widths: 20-1,800 mm • thicknesses: 20-150 µm

Films for intermediate storage – for raw materials, reusable materials and waste

A range of different materials and packages can be used for intermediate storage of products: boxes, fixed containers but films too. The latter are a particularly space-saving and robust option for storage. Our DUO BALE WRAP is extremely strong – it is even suitable for packaging sharp-edged substances and bulky waste. We recommend the film both for sensitive products and critical materials: the bale film reliably protects sensitive goods from contamination from the outside. Problematic substances are securely enclosed – the surroundings are not subjected to unpleasant odours. DUO BALE WRAP is UV-stable for at least one year – and longer on request. Advantages of DUO BALE WRAP: • extremely strong – even for products with sharp edges • low-expansion of pressed bales • perfect seal • odours cannot escape • moisture cannot enter • UV-stable for at least one year • strong colouring and opacity • pre-stretch rolls remain clean • no telescoping of the rolls - Versions available: • film thickness 25 µm - DUO BALE WRAP OPTIMA • film thickness 20 µm - DUO BALE WRAP FUTURA • widths: 500-750 mm • colours: white, pale green, black • special versions available on request (colour, width, etc.)

Baling film – for securing packaged quarry and bulk goods on pallets

Packaging in bales is used in a variety of sectors and industries; especially for bulk products such as compost, tree bark, peat, sawdust and animal feed. For reliable packaging of the bales onto pallets, we recommend the reduced-thickness special film for bale packaging: DUO TERRA WRAP from DUO PLAST. This does not only fix the products in place effectively, but is also cost-effective and is particularly suited to the requirements of the quarrying industry. Advantages of DUO TERRA WRAP baling film: • outstanding film bonding (patented manufacturing process) • pallets are stable and retain their shape • low-noise processing - Versions available • transparent or coloured • with individual printing on request

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