Stretch hoods: the secure alternative to shrink hoods

Protection from dirt and moisture, even for sensitive products

DUO PLAST offers you an effective alternative to shrink hoods, pallet hoods and protective covers: transparent, coloured or printed Generation 2.0 stretch hoods – inexpensive, without application of heat, with outstanding retention forces for reliable load unit stability.

Our PE film hoods offer all the advantages of classic stretch wrap: enormous retention forces, elasticity and resistance to puncture – even for bulky, dissimilar or heavy goods. Just like shrink hoods and pallet hoods, they offer five-sided protection from contamination, wind and weather. Our shrink hood alternatives provide reliable protection against slipping, mechanical damage and penetration by water and pests.

Stretch hoods – your advantages at a glance

  • High load unit stability
  • Optimum puncture resistance
  • Highly elastic
  • Outstanding retention forces
  • Dust, moisture and weather protection
  • Manufactured with very tight tolerances
  • Perfect roll winding
  • High stability of packaged goods.
  • Can be used for bulky products 
  • Sustainable solution with PCR recyclate material

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Stretch hoods

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Our cost-effective alternative to shrink hoods and pallet hoods

When securing loads on pallets, loads made up of many different packages with different lengths, widths, heights and weights represent a particular challenge. Typically, shrink hoods are used to package these types of pallet loads. These hug each individual package tightly, preventing the load on the pallet from slipping. This is exactly what our PE hoods do:

The tubing fits closely around the packages – but does not require application of heat or use of a shrink gun –saving energy and protecting sensitive products. The advantage over loose pallet hoods is that the cover fits much more tightly and transport stability is improved. Switch to using hoods from the DUO ROBUSTA series and give your load units optimum protection – as well as improving your packaging’s cost effectiveness, item by item, pallet by pallet, with transparent, opaque or individually printed stretch hoods.

Individual advice and services for stretch hoods

As a renowned manufacturer of polyethylene film packaging, we don’t just offer you excellent packaging films and PE stretch film hoods, but a cornucopia of services too. DUO PLAST will advise you on the most effective and cost-efficient stretch films for your application. We can test the stability of your packaging in our accredited in-house load securement laboratory. Maintenance, optimization, commissioning and spare parts service for your hood stretcher machine is provided by our service partner RHM Packaging®.

Benefit from our 3-pillar concept – consisting of advice on stretch hoods, packaging equipment service and packaging testing – for optimum packaging processes, load securement and protection of your products. Benefit from our expertise in individual packaging concepts and difficult-to-package products. Speak to the DUO PLAST AG team on +49 (0) 6641 6550-0. We look forward to hearing from you!

Specifications of our DUO ROBUSTA 2.0 stretch hoods

• Hood circumference: 2200 – 4200 mm • Film thickness: 40 – 150 μm • Colours: naturally transparent, white or individual colouring • Perforation plus UV stabiliser, UV absorber, antistatic • Printing: thermal transfer printing on 128 mm width

Our strong hood – DUO ROBUSTA S1

The versatile hood solution for applications demanding a high level of transport safety. Excellent retention and restoring forces, optimum puncture and tear resistance, outstanding load unit stability. Prestretch < 70%.

Our flexible stretch hood – DUO ROBUSTA F1

The stretch hood solution for special applications requiring especially elastic film. Fantastic elasticity with optimum puncture and tear resistance. It can also be used for bulky packages of different heights, lengths and widths. Prestretch < 100%

Our sustainable hood solution – DUO ROBUSTA E5

The “E” in this film’s name stands for Earth: for sustainability and 100% recyclability. The ROBUSTA E5 consists of 30% Post Consumer Recyclate and will impress you with its excellent performance. Film thickness from 70-150 μm – prestretch < 50%.

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