Package testing and unit load system securement in a certified test laboratory

Preventing transport damage with expert package testing

Do you want packaging which gives your products optimum protection from external forces? So do we. This is why we use transport simulations based on scientifically-recognized standards for packaging testing in our certified DUO LAB Technology Centre. Our in-house testing evaluates accelerations, braking, cornering, uneven surfaces and loading during transport. In addition to this are the factors affecting the material during the handling process. Another feature of our testing system is the simulation of various environmental conditions. Contact us if you’d like to find the best packaging and pallet securement for your distribution operation, or if you have already experienced problems during the logistics process. Together, we’ll find the ideal solution to ensure your product arrives safely.

Our certified laboratory is able to offer you:

  • Analysis and optimization of package materials and design as well as unit load securement
  • Objective, science-based package testing
  • Package development for optimum protection of the product
  • State-of-the-art testing technology
  • Simulation of transport conditions on the road, ship and aircraft
  • Expert knowledge from diverse industries and sectors
  • Advice on film packaging materials through to load securement
  • Optimization of the consumption of packaging materials

Packaging optimization: analysis of the package and the logistics process

Packaging is as individual as the product inside the package. The same applies to distribution channels. Only expert analysis of all factors in the system enables the development of individual packaging solutions which not only protect the product, but are also efficient from a cost and sustainability perspective. Our DUO LAB Technology Centre can draw on the expert knowledge of freight forwarders, distributors, technical experts, logistics centres and testing institutes. And we place all this know-how at the disposal of your company. Aided by state-of-the-art testing systems, we will create and evaluate complete loading and transport securement concepts for you.

Procedures provided by our laboratory for package testing and package design optimization

Our transport simulation tests the packaging of individual products and shipping units using the following test methods:

  • Horizontal acceleration
  • Vertical influences
  • Pitch and roll testing
  • Environmental conditioning
  • Manual handling
  • GPS data recorder

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Package testing services for cost-effective product packaging solutions

The test parameters are derived from the requirements for the packaged products, the packaging process and securement of the unit loads. Taking the individual and legal requirements into account, a combination of these parameters form the specific loads which may occur during packaging, storage and transport.

Package testing in the DUO LAB – based on strict scientific standards – guarantees you valid results and conclusions for the development of a cost-effective packaging design. We look forward to testing, analysing, simulating and optimizing your packaging and distribution system with you.

Only accredited laboratories can ensure reliable results and conclusions for package testing and unit load securement

The DUO LAB Technology Centre is officially accredited for package testing by the German accreditation body DAkkS (PL-19044). Our accreditation to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 means our product testing is according to nationally and internationally-recognized standards, that we adhere to standardized scientific processes, and that our testing is supervised by the government. This means we are also authorized to issue officially-recognized certificates and test protocols. So DUO LAB is not only able to offer its customers valid test results for optimizing packaging processes, but also documents which will stand up in a court of law. Benefit from the expertise available from DUO LAB, one of the few independent packaging testing laboratories in the field of transport simulation, handling and temperature testing.


Responsibility for load securement lies with the forwarders, shippers and transport companies. If a load is insufficiently secured, these can also be held personally liable. The risks that some people take is demonstrated by figures from the German insurance industry: 40% of loads are insufficiently secured; around 1,000 traffic accidents each year are due to insufficiently-secured loads. Stay safe! We will train your employees so that they are able to optimize the packaging and load securement standards and systems in your operation in compliance with the law.
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DAKKS accreditation

DUO LAB is officially accredited for package testing by the German accreditation body DAkkS (PL-19044). For you, this means completely independent working and maximum safety.
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Horizontal acceleration

The "horizontal impact" system tests the pallet securement by simulating pallet loads due to impacts and accelerations. On a computer-controlled test sled in our package testing lab, the unit load design is exposed to the horizontal transport influences which could potentially occur in real life. Such damage-producing loading often occurs when the cargo impacts exterior walls or other packages during acceleration or braking, as well as during coupling of rail vehicles and handling in warehouses, distribution centres, airports and ports. By realistically combining the important parameters such as impact duration, pulse intensity and shear force, we are able to apply horizontal forces of up to 15g on the unit loads. Based on the simulation results, we derive concepts for pallet securement in order to avoid product damage due to horizontal forces during transport.

Vertical influences

During transport, the unit loads are not only exposed to horizontal forces, but vertical forces and random vibrations as well. These occur as a result of random vibrations and impacts. Vibration testing using our "vertical vibration table” simulates, for example, shock absorbers in lorries, turbulence during transport via air, as well as factors during processing of the load for storage in warehouses. We are also able to simulate unbalanced masses in engines, and structural vibrations of vehicles and containers. With our testing methods, we are able to make predictions about scrap rates for products with electronic components. Use our service and check whether your pallet securement fulfils its function – and if your products are optimally secured.

Environmental conditioning

Throughout the supply chain, the transported product not only experiences stress from the forces of motion, but also due to all kinds of atmospheric conditioning. Deep freeze areas are just one example of environments which subject the packaging materials to extreme demands regarding strength and retention forces. The environmental chamber in our packaging testing lab is an adiabatic testing environment, where specific climatic conditions can be imitated while performing the tests "vertical vibration" and "pitch and roll". This test method can simulate temperatures between -25°C and +80°C and humidities between 15% and 98% RH. Profit from our extensive experience to ensure that your products survive storage and transport and arrive safely at the customer.

Pitch and roll testing

This test procedure simulates loading due to tipping and tilting movements, as well as rotations which result from cornering. It is also possible to simulate your unit load being transported among other load carriers, whose package format is different to that of yours. We combine a wide variety of loading types to make the testing conditions realistic (field-to-lab simulation). Evaluation of the results from the "pitch and roll" and "vertical vibration table" tests enable optimum analysis of weaknesses to show whether the primary and secondary packaging fulfil their function, or whether the process or the materials need to be optimized.

Manual handling

Handling tests help us assess whether products and unit loads can withstand the loads from material handling without being damaged. Here we can perform packaging testing on individual component packages as well as testing full pallets. We pay particular attention to internal transport using retrieval systems and material handling equipment such as forklift trucks or pallet trucks. We are also able to simulate loading and unloading situations. This testing focuses on occupational safety in addition to the stability of the pallet. Reduce or avoid the risk of accidents due to manual material handling in your company.

GPS data recorder

Loads occurring during transport can be documented using special tachograph systems – GPS data recorders. These record the forces, accelerations, temperatures and humidities the package is exposed to during storage and transport, throughout the global supply chain (up to 30 days). The acquired data enables the transport requirements to be simulated realistically later on in the DUO LAB, in order to find the most effective packaging solution and to avoid overpackaging or underpackaging. Optimizing the packaging enables costs to be saved which may otherwise result due to destruction of the packaging or the packaged product, or due to excess packaging. GPS data recorders contribute to the commercial success of your company and to a sustainable society by avoiding unnecessary packaging. Contact us. We are happy to advise you!