Packing machines: advice, sales, maintenance, support

Film and packaging machine manufacturers work hand-in-hand for optimum packaging

Do you want your manufacturing operation to run smoothly? So do we. This is why, many years ago now, we decided to work with renowned and globally-leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial packaging machines. Because only when the film and machinery are perfectly harmonized will the packaging process in your company run smoothly.

DUO PLAST supplies 100% all-round service

We will not only advise you on which packing machinery is most suitable for your application, but offer you an all-round service: starting with selection, finance, sales and training your staff, through to maintenance and repair work. If you buy a new machine, we’ll even take your old one in part payment. From us you get highly-professional support from start to finish.

The advantages: a brief overview

  • Extremely high-performance packaging machinery
  • Perfect packaging thanks to perfectly-harmonized films and machinery
  • Solutions for challenging packaging
  • A single contact for consulting and service
  • Optimum training for your staff in operation and the technology, at your premises
  • Guaranteed safety standards
  • Inexpensive maintenance
  • Extensive spare parts warehouse
  • Packaging machine rental – also for short periods
  • Part exchange and scrapping of old packaging machines

Whether a standard packing machine or a bespoke solution: we offer more than 25 years of expertise in the packaging industry

For more than 25 years, we have been distributing semi-automatic and fully-automatic packing machines from the AETNA GROUP – from the ROBOPAC MACHINERY and ROBOPAC SYSTEMS ranges – as well as mobile wrappers from PACKMORE and fully-automatic packing machines from PAMMINGER VERPACKUNGSTECHNIK. DUO PLAST is actually the exclusive partner in Germany for the latter. We are also a Jürgens Verpackungstechnik cooperation partner. Even though we don’t manufacture packaging equipment ourselves, we are happy to advise you in all questions about semi-automatic or fully-automatic stretch wrappers, horizontal wrappers, wrapping machines as well as shrink wrap and sealing equipment.

Do you have special requirements, or are you unsure if standard machines are suitable for your application? You don’t yet know how best to structure your supply chain process? No problem. We can do the tricky stuff too. Contact us so that – together with our partners – we can find, reconfigure or build the best type of machine for you.

Do you have any questions?

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Pallet wrappers

DUO PLAST offers a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic pallet wrappers with turntables, rotating arms and rotating rings from the manufacturers ROBOPAC and PAMMINGER.

Horizontal-type wrapping machinery

DUO PLAST offers a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic horizontal wrapping machines for packing long products and trays.

Case erectors and case sealers

DUO PLAST offers semi-automatic and fully-automatic case sealers as well as semi-automatic and fully-automatic case erectors to make your filling and packing operation easier.

Shrink wrap machines and seal machines

DUO PLAST offers manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic film-sealing machines and shrink wrap machines for different output rates.

Strapping machinery

DUO PLAST offers machines from PAMMINGER for fully-automatic pallet strapping – and for manual operation too.

Automated guided vehicles

DUO PLAST offers automated guided vehicles for autonomous pallet transport.

Quality and safety UVV, CE Conformity Declaration and inspections according to DGUV

You can’t see damage to electronics and if you can smell it, it’s generally already too late. Small defects in electrical systems can have far-reaching consequences. A short-circuit could halt the whole packaging plant: production stops, deadlines cannot be met and customers are dissatisfied. At peak periods, when all systems are running at full capacity, this does not just mean a great deal of trouble, but it can also be expensive.

In the worst case, a cable could start burning – which triggers a larger fire. If you can’t present the insurance company with the inspection sticker or the test report, then the outlook is poor. This is why DUO PLAST offers to inspect the electrical equipment on your machine in accordance with DGUV Regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3). This means risks can be detected in time and the machine runs – completely safely.

Commissioning and training: we’ll make your employees your on-site experts

What you do when you suddenly have a packing machine problem? Call Customer Services straightaway? No. Because you have skilled employees who have been trained how to deal with your DUO PLAST machine. This means smaller problems can be resolved directly. Downtime and standstills are reduced. If you can’t sort out the problem yourselves, then just pick up the phone. In the ensuing conversation, we’ll find a solution or narrow down the possible causes, so our experts can get in the car with the right parts and come to you as soon as possible. For us, good commissioning doesn’t stop with the installation of the machine.

Comprehensive and inexpensive after sales service: if requested, over the entire lifetime of the packaging machine

We offer you regular maintenance and service, so your machine will continue to function reliably in your company. We don’t mind whether you bought the packing machine directly from us or from the manufacturer. We want the machine in your company to run and run and run... Not only do we offer you service technicians with years of experience in the packaging machines industry, but regular maintenance at fair prices, for a long machine lifetime.

Extensive spare parts warehouse: we’ll come to you quickly whenever there’s a problem

What’s the point of great support and experienced experts if the urgently-needed spare part is not on stock – or even, in the worst case, has a long lead time? None. This is why, for years now, we have maintained an extensive spare parts warehouse. This means most repairs can be carried out quickly. If you want to install the spare part yourself – that’s also no problem. Our telephone support service is there for you.

New machines and rental machines: also for short-term coverage of production peaks

When your business is booming and your packaging capacity isn’t sufficient to satisfy your customers, then just hire an additional packing machine for a short period. We will also support you in intense production phases with the greatest possible flexibility.

Packaging machinery for food

The requirements for films and packaging used for food are higher than for most other products. Thanks to our own DUO FOOD & HEALTH division, we are experts in this sensitive area. Ask us about our packing machines for food. We are happy to advise you!

Part exchange and scrapping: when the packaging machine is no longer up to the task

There comes a time when even the best packing machine comes to the end of its service life. We will take your machine back, either in part exchange when you buy a new model, or for scrapping.

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Our service for you

  • Plant installation and training your staff
  • CE conformity declaration, including German-language technical documentation
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul work
  • Short notice parts service (extensive spare parts warehouse in Lauterbach)
  • Regular maintenance (inexpensive maintenance contracts)
  • UVV & DGUV Regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3) inspections, including inspection sticker and test report
  • Service technicians with years of experience in the packaging equipment industry
  • Telephone support
  • We also service packaging systems from other packaging machinery suppliers
  • Rental machines, for example, for production peaks or large repairs
  • New machines / rental machines on stock for short-term requirements
  • Part exchange / scrapping on request
  • Development of individual special solutions

Do you need support when it comes to packaging machinery?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you!