Shrink wrappers and seal machines for films

Film seal machines – manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic

We offer seal and shrink wrap machines for small and large volumes, which are optimally-adapted to run with our shrink wrap. Thanks to the excellent compatibility of the machines and films, you will benefit from efficient packaging processes, optimum packaging results and, ultimately, satisfied customers. Before choosing a packaging machine from our range, you should clarify the following points:

  • Production quantity/volumes
  • Sealing/shrink wrapping products
  • Required consistent appearance of the packaging result
  • Handling of the package product after sealing
  • Integration in the production line

Our DUO SYSTEMS team will supply you with expert and extensive advice about which film seal machines and shrink wrappers are most suited to your product and production flow. We can offer various types of shrink wrappers and sealers from ROBOPAC: hood seal/hood shrink wrap machines and film shrink wrap/film seal machines with a shrink tunnel.

You can choose from a range of high-quality manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic machinery. The links to the brochures will give you initial information about the types, technical data and details. To find out more about individual packaging machines, as well as getting advice on the most appropriate shrink films, please get in touch with our DUO SYSTEMS team on +49 (0) 6641 6550-0. We look forward to your call.

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Manual shrink wrappers – mobile, effective and inexpensive, for low volumes

We supply manually-loaded sealers and shrink wrappers in the form of mobile hood shrink wrap machines. These are suitable for packing and shrink wrapping all kinds of products. They are an attractive investment even for low volumes as they are relatively inexpensive. ROBOPAC hood shrink wrap machines

Advantages and features

  • Low investment costs
  • Options for sealing and shrink wrapping
  • Suitable for different product categories
  • Shrink tunnel heats up rapidly
  • Easy to use

Manual film seal and film shrink wrap machine – model:

Semi-automatic shrink wrap and seal machines

Semi-automatic machines, where the product is loaded manually, are also suitable for packaging different product categories and packaged goods with changing dimensions. All that is automated is the pulling in of the product into the tunnel, and the shrinking and sealing. The automated feed speeds up the packaging process, making these machines a great choice for both small production volumes and moderate production volumes. They combine the strengths of manual hood shrink wrap machines, such as compact dimensions and mobility, with the advantages of automated processes. At the same time, they are less expensive than fully-automated film seal machines. The semi-automatic PACK M/A packaging machines from ROBOPAC offer the following

Advantages and features

  • Inexpensive purchase price
  • Manual insertion of the products
  • Automatic conveyance in the tunnel
  • Shrink tunnel heats up rapidly
  • Easy operation

Special specifications:

  • Holders for two reels, for changing the film type quickly and efficiently
  • Braking system for controlled unrolling of the film
  • Motorized rewinding of residual film
  • Coated bar-and-chain transport in the shrink tunnel
  • Exit roller conveyor with a variety of lengths
  • Automatic raising and lowering of the L-sealing arm at a preset frequency

Semi-automatic film shrink wrap machine – Model:

Fully-automatic film seal and film shrink wrap machines

Fully-automatic machines are suitable for automated packaging processes and high volumes. As the machines provide optimum centring of the products within the film, they ensure a consistent packaging result. The fully-automatic COMBITECH and ATHENA COMBI film shrink wrap and film seal machines from ROBOPAC offer the following

Advantages and features

  • Uniform packaging results
  • Output up to 50 pcs/minute
  • Thickness of the shrink film: 9-35 microns

Special specifications:

  • Photoelectric cells for very flat packaged products (20 mm)
  • Photoelectric cells to detect full waste containers
  • Photoelectric cells to detect almost-finished shrink wrap roll
  • Coated bar-and-chain transport in the shrink tunnel
  • Signal exchange with upstream and downstream processes
  • Free-running roller conveyor at entry and exit

Fully-automatic packaging and shrink wrap machine – models: