Sustainable films – we take responsibility

  • Since 1998 – we have been conscious of our special responsibility towards the environment.
  • Since 1998 – we have been manufacturing films which are 100% recyclable.
  • Since 2002 – we have been offering our customers a range of different eco-wraps.
  • Since 2021 – we have the ISCC Plus certification.

Sustainability with eco-wrap or tall oil

We offer our customers the chance to switch to more sustainable packaging solutions. Which type of wrap do you prefer? Conventional films made from 100% recyclable fossil-based polyethylene using the absolute minimum of raw materials, or more sustainable stretch films with an “eco” component? You can choose between four different types of sustainable packaging film:

  • Conserve raw materials: stretch wrap – as thick as necessary, as thin as possible
  • Reusing leftovers: packaging film using recyclate made out of waste film cut-offs from the production process
  • Promoting the circular economy: packaging film with recyclate made from used film (PCR)
  • Conserve resources: stretch films using increasing amounts of tall oil instead of petroleum

With DUO PLAST’s more eco-friendly films, you can help conserve the planet’s finite petroleum resources while keeping the same high level of quality. Join us and switch to eco-friendly packaging films! We are also happy to offer you individual and detailed advice!


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Sustainable packaging films

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100% recyclable eco pallet wrap


Films with reduced material thicknessTall oil-based biofilmsFilms with PIR recyclateFilms with PCR recyclate
Conventional polyethyleneTall oil (byproduct of the paper manufacturing process)Conventional polyethyleneConventional polyethylene
Reduced film thickness50-80% tall oil-based polyethylene, certified according to ISCC PlusUp to 65% film cut-offs from productionUp to 25% recyclate from used films

Reduced material thickness conserves raw materials

We have always worked according to the motto: maximum safety and cost-effectiveness using a minimum of resources. So we are constantly improving our formulas in our own laboratory, to ensure our stretch wrap is as thin as possible but extremely resistant to tearing at the same time. This fully recyclable NEW GENERATION resource-optimized film is made from 100% conventional fossil-based polyethylene (PE), entirely without PIB (polyisobutylene.

Resource-conserving sustainable films using leftover wrap

We are pioneers in the recycling economy. We have been using our own in-house regranulation equipment since the late 1990s to make the most of leftover film and film waste generated during production. We use the recyclate created by this process in our Post Industrial Recyclate (PIR) films. This eco-friendly packaging consists of up to 65% post industrial recyclate.

Eco-friendly stretch wrap using recycled plastic

Our films from the FootPrint series show it is possible to manufacture sustainable packaging films with a significant proportion of recycled material – without compromising on quality in terms of elasticity, resistance to tearing and puncture resistance. Our DUO EARTH 4 film with 25% Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) was awarded the PackTheFuture-Award and the Deutschen Verpackungspreis in 2020 and the Worldstar Award in 2021. Proof that excellent product qualities and resource conservation can be combined successfully.

Tall oil-based biofilms

For our bio-based films, we use granulate made from natural resin acids and fatty acids (tall oil). This biological raw material occurs as a byproduct during the manufacture of paper or pulp products. Tall oil is added to the traditional polyethylene manufacturing process in a fixed percentage during quantity balancing. We source our plastic granulate exclusively from ISCC Plus certified manufacturers – and we ourselves are also ISCC Plus certified for manufacturing sustainable bio-based films.

Unlike bio plastics made from renewable raw materials such as maize or sugarcane, no land (which could otherwise be used for food production) is needed for tall oil. What’s more, the burden on the environment due to transport is reduced, as tall oil can also be sourced in northern Europe. In contrast, plastic granulate made from sugarcane – which is often used for bio-based films – must travel long distances by ship from South America to Europe.

These biofilms are also 100% recyclable – a critical factor for truly eco-friendly packaging: which is not only characterized by its conservation of resources, but also by its reusability / recyclability.

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Tall oil could increasingly replace petroleum as a raw material

Our vision is to gradually replace petroleum-based granulate with bio-based alternatives so that, at some point in the future, we will be able to offer our customers entirely sustainable stretch films. Until now, the proportion of bio-based raw materials for manufacturing granulate is comparatively small, meaning that tall oil is added during a certified quantity balancing procedure.

But the greater the demand for the sustainable alternative tall oil, the more tall oil the chemical industry will need to use for manufacturing plastics – and the further the proportion of petroleum-based plastic granulate will be reduced. However, for this to happen, the demand for tall oil-based films needs to grow. Just as for other organic products: demand creates the market – whether for films made from bio-based materials using renewable raw materials, recyclable films or biodegradable films.

Shaping sustainable solutions – and improving our carbon footprint

We are ready to make a comprehensive contribution to saving resources and protecting the natural world – by saving on material, by optimizing the energy concept for our production process and by conserving finite raw materials. If you want to improve your carbon footprint too, then give us a call. Our innovative CO2 Tool enables us to calculate your personal carbon footprint and find potential for savings.

We don’t just offer you standard films in different versions, but sustainable films in line with your requirements too: in material-saving thicknesses, with or without recyclate, or tall oil-based. Tall oil is a byproduct of the paper manufacturing process. We are constantly extending our product portfolio of sustainable films. We would be happy to check whether we can produce a sustainable variant of your film, with your individual specifications and requirements.

Eco pallet wrap

The eco-friendly packaging material used for our environmentally-friendly films does what it promises. Our eco pallet wrap does not just secure boxes of the same size or lightweight products on the pallet. It is also able to hold individually-compiled consignments or heavy goods in place. Depending on the product, the DUO EARTH eco-friendly packaging material is available as transparent, translucent or coloured variants.

DUO EARTH 1 – tall oil-based sustainable films

Our sustainable DUO EARTH 1 stretch film is the biological equivalent to our NG2 NEW GENERATION high-performance film – and is also 100% recyclable. Whereas the NG2 scores with its reduced material thickness, the eco-friendly DUO EARTH 1 film also includes 50-80% tall oil-based bio-plastic.

DUO EARTH 2 – stretch film for transport securement with post-industrial recyclate (PIR)

Leftover film resulting from the production process within the company is recycled and used for DUO EARTH 2 eco pallet wrap. The film consists of up to 65% recyclate, thus conserving fossil-based raw materials. This is load securement with a small carbon footprint. This film is available in translucent, transparent or coloured variants and is 100% recyclable. It has excellent adhesion properties for optimum film bonding.

DUO EARTH 3: Mono barrier films

DUO EARTH 3 is the perfect solution for those who want to do something good for the environment without compromising on a high-level oxygen barrier. DUO PLAST AG has worked closely with customers and raw material suppliers to develop a mono-PE barrier film that is classified as recyclable despite containing over 5 % EVOH. It is therefore the optimal replacement for non-recyclable multi-material composites. DUO EARTH 3's mechanical properties are of a comparable standard to those of non-recyclable solutions. It has a high level of stiffness and puncture resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of food and non-food packaging.

DUO EARTH 4 – pallet film with excellent stability

DUO EARTH 4 (PCR – Post Consumer Recyclate) is a film containing up to 25% PCR. It is available in thicknesses of 17-23 µm, slightly-coloured or translucent, and as a hand or machine stretch film. A highlight is the 8 µm thick, pre-stretched DUO SHAPE EARTH 4 film, with its patented DUO DOUBLE EDGE (DDK) and extreme adhesion.

It is available either as a sustainable hand-stretch or machine stretch film and provides an outstanding combination of excellent performance, the best possible conservation of resources, optimum eco-friendliness as well as load unit stability. This sustainable packaging film has recently won several awards.

DUO EARTH 5 – highly transparent film

DUO EARTH 5, which contains at least 25% PCR, is the ideal solution if optimum product presentation is essential. Product information and EAN codes are easy to read and scan through the film. We also supply machine stretch films and hand stretch films – pre-stretched and printed too, of course.

Sustainable films for silage

When it comes to packaging silage, films are the gold standard. They are highly-resistant to environmental influences such as UV rays, cold, heat, hail etc. for at least a year in our (European) latitudes. Bio-based films made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR) are just as safe, practical and low-noise during processing as films made from conventional polyethylene. The advantages: an optimum oxygen barrier, high adhesion, no telescoping of the rolls and the pre-stretch rolls remain clean. These are the best prerequisites for excellent silage quality.

DUO EARTH AGRO – silage stretch film with a high proportion of recycled film

With up to nine layers, the DUO EARTH AGRO films guarantee the best possible silage quality. As sustainable packaging film, it is available in a thickness of 25 µm, in conventional colours and with the standard dimensions: 750 mm x 1.500 mm and 500 mm x 1.800 mm. Of course, bespoke solutions are also possible.

Optimizing the packaging process: for even more sustainability

The better the packaging process, the packaging machines and the films are matched to each other, the smoother, more efficient and more eco-friendly the packaging process. Therefore, with DUO PLAST you not only get excellent, sustainable packaging films but compatible packaging machines too. We are happy to advise you to help your packaging process become and remain ecologically and financially sustainable.

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