Silage films & wrap

High-quality PE films for silage

Wrapping films for round bales and square bales

A perfect seal, UV resistance for 1 year, tear resistance and food-safe: DUO AGRO stretch films from DUO PLAST maintain the quality of your crop and ensure excellent forage quality thanks to their optimum oxygen barrier. Our silage films are produced in a patented, hygiene-certified, multi-layer blown extrusion process and are suitable as agricultural stretch film for wrapping round and square bales. Thanks to the best raw materials and regular quality assurance in our in-house test laboratory, they guarantee high operational reliability and smooth processing on the wrapper. We also offer special designs if required – just ask us!

The advantages of our silage films & wraps

no telescoping of the rolls

highly resistant to punctures

highly resistant to tearing

no adhesive deposits on the deflection rollers on the winder

very productive

available in different colours


Wrapping equipment for round and square bales



  • Thickness: 22 and 25 µm
  • Width/length 25 µm:
    500 mm x 1,800 m;
    750 mm x 1,500 m
  • Width/Length 22µm:
    500 mm x 2,000 m;
    750 mm x 1,650 m;
    optional 750 mm x 1,900 m
  • Colors: black, green, white
  • more than 90% prestretch


The environmentally conscious silage film

  • thickness: 25 µm
  • width: 500 mm, 750 mm
  • length on the roll: 1.800 m, 1.500 m
  • colors: black, green, white


Agricultural stretch film

  • Thickness: 25 µm
  • Width: 500 mm, 750 mm
  • Colors: white and moss green



  • thickness: 15 µm
  • width: 1.280 mm, 1.380 mm
  • length on the roll: 1.800 m, 1.500 m
  • colours: transparent without UV stability
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High quality raw materials – high quality silage

Our wrapping films for silage bales are food-grade stretch films made of pure polyethylene without harmful foreign substances. You can choose between UV-resistant silage films made from virgin polyethylene or sustainable silage films with a high proportion of at least 30% recycled material from used films (post-consumer recyclate). Our environmentally friendly, multilayer recycled films offer the same high quality as conventional silage films: they have the same mechanical properties, are UV-stabilized for at least 12 months (Central Europe) and are just as easy to process – roll by roll, bale by bale. During production, we pay meticulous attention to hygiene in order to provide the best conditions for the bacteria necessary for silage later on. Since the process of fermentation only runs optimally under exclusion of air, we have compiled the most important tips for silo bale wrapping for you.

Pioneer in sustainable films since 1998

More about sustainable films
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100% recycling of silage films possible

Protecting the environment, conserving resources and using environmentally-friendly raw materials are a priority at DUO PLAST. DUO AGRO wrapping films are made entirely of polyethylene and contain no harmful adhesives or foreign substances. As they are packed in printed cardboard boxes and wound on special cardboard cores, environmentally-friendly disposal of the films and packaging is easy – and they are also fully recyclable.

Efficient winding films, efficient winding processes


Highest machine runability

Our silage films for round bales and square bales not only withstand extreme weather conditions, they can also be optimally processed with all common wrapping equipment. The natural adhesive strength of the film layers ensures a perfect seal, with no adhesive residue on the feed or rollers. The quiet unwinding behavior of our stretch films allows bales to be wrapped without noise pollution in residential areas. Our agricultural stretch films create the synthesis of easy handling, easy to wrap bales and excellent silage results.

Sheath film eliminates the need for net film

With our net replacement films, farmers can wrap even more efficiently. In fact, these films can be used together with wrapping film for round bales. The oxygen barrier is further increased by the additional layers of the net replacement film. Both silage stretch films can be removed from the wrapped bales again in a single operation, without the risk of packaging residues on the forage, and even at the lowest temperatures.

Packaging: safe, efficient, cost-effective

We optimize your packaging process

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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