Sustainable films

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Sustainable raw materials, material reduction, recycling, circular economy

Our sustainable films for load securing have been proving their worth on the market since 1998. Since 2021, our sustainable barrier films have been conquering the world of industrial packaging. What distinguishes us and our films is the innovative strength, the quality standard and our sense of responsibility towards the environment, and this throughout the entire process of production. With our sustainable stretch films of the DUO EARTH series, you make a meaningful contribution to sustainability, to the protection of nature and to the improvement of your CO2 balance. Join us, switch to environmentally friendly packaging with DUO PLAST! We will be happy to advise you individually and in detail! Wir beraten Sie gerne individuell und ausführlich!

  • Our goal is to protect the environment and resources to the maximum – now and in the future.
  • Our goal is to use raw materials for packaging instead of consuming them.
  • Our goal is to preserve raw materials and materials in the recyclable cycle instead of losing them through biodegradation or industrial composting.
  • Therefore, we focus on resource conservation.
  • That is why we rely on 100% recyclable packaging.
  • That is why we rely on regranulates from used films, on ecologically sensible solutions for plastic production: the use of waste products from industrial paper production.

The advantages of our sustainable films

reduced film thickness

30 % recyclate made from used film (PCR)

50-80 % tall oil-based polyethylene

100 % recyclable

65 % film cut-offs from production (PIR)

Sustainable packaging

Environmentally friendly films


Tall oil-based pallet wraps – ISCC Plus certified

  • Thickness: 12 - 23 µm
  • up to 280 % pre-stretch
  • either internal or external adhesion
  • many special designs
More about DUO EARTH 1


Stretch film for transport securement with post-industrial recyclate

  • 65% post-industrial recyclate (PIR)
  • also available as PreStretch
  • transparent, translucent, coloured
More about DUO EARTH 2


PE mono barrier film

  • Thicknesses: 80 – 180 µm
  • 100% recyclable
  • seals from 85 °C
  • transparent, printable
More about DUO EARTH 3


PCR stretch film lightly colored

  • many thicknesses
  • pre-stretched automatic stretch film
  • excellent adhesion properties
  • ideal also for fully automatic machines
More about DUO EARTH 4


PCR stretch film highly transparent

  • different thicknesses
  • resource-saving load securing
  • printing possible
  • perfect security for transport
More about DUO EARTH 5


Sustainable stretch film with up to 65 % PCR

  • Contain up to 65 % PCR
  • For semi-automatic and fully automatic stretching lines
  • Pre-stretched foils
  • Possibility of printing
More about DUO EARTH 6


The environmentally conscious silage film

  • thickness: 25 µm
  • width: 500 mm, 750 mm
  • length on the roll: 1.800 m, 1.500 m
  • colors: black, green, white

Pioneer in sustainable films since 1998

More about sustainable films
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We consistently implement sustainability

  • Conserve raw materials: stretch wrap – as thick as necessary, as thin as possible
  • Reusing leftovers: packaging film using recyclate made out of waste film cut-offs from the production process
  • Promoting the circular economy: packaging film with recyclate made from used film (PCR)
  • Conserve resources: stretch films using increasing amounts of tall oil instead of petroleum

More information on sustainability and the development of our sustainable solutions can be found here. Basic knowledge on the topic of sustainable alternatives to conventional PE films, bio-based films, degradable films, compostable films according to DIN EN 13432 (bio films), environmentally friendly packaging and biological compatibility can be found here.

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DUO PLAST: Sustainability in packaging for more than 20 years

  • Since 1998 – we have been manufacturing films which are 100% recyclable.
  • Since 2002 – we have been offering our customers a range of different eco-wraps.
  • Since 2021 – we have the ISCC Plus certification.

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    This film can also be produced sustainably.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Bio-based from tall oil
    • Recyclate from used films
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