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The impact on your plastic packaging and how to comply with it.

Packaging Tax
Beginning from 1st April 2022 UK starts a new tax on plastic packaging to underline it’s plans to enlarge the use of recycled material in plastic packaging.

Who is affected by that law?
All businesses that imports or manufactures plastic packaging/products in the UK is liable for this TAX.
If plastic products contain less than 30% recycled plastic a fee of £200/ton will be neccessary.

How DUO PLAST can help
DUO PLAST offers with DUO EARTH a high performance stretchfilm with at least 30% post consumer recycled material which gives you three main opportunities. (DIN ISO 14021)

  1. Perfect packaging results
  2. Use of recycled plastics
  3. Legally compliant and avoid additional tax fees

What to do?
Get in contact with us to evaluate your possibilities in plastic packaging to be ready for the 1st April.


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This film can also be produced sustainably.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Bio-based from tall oil
  • Recyclate from used films
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