Case erectors and case sealers for quick and easy packing

Packaging machines for erecting and sealing cartons

Case erectors and case sealing machines from ROBOPAC help you make your packaging process efficient. Case erectors are used in automated processes with high production volumes to prepare boxes for filling. Case sealers are used for automatic taping of boxes with adhesive tape – for low and high production volumes. We’ll help you choose the right machine; a decision influenced by the following factors:

  • Variability of carton formats
  • Weight of the packaged goods
  • Importance of a homogeneous packaging result
  • Processing rate per hour
  • Required mobility of the machine
  • Integration of the machine into existing production processes

We’re happy to advise you on which machines, films and adhesive tapes you can use to make packing your products as efficient as possible. The links to the ROBOPAC brochures will give you an initial overview of the technical data, performance, dimensions and specifications for case sealers and case erectors. If you need more information, you can reach our DUO SYSTEMS team on +49 (0) 6641 6550-0.

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Semi-automatic case sealers – for automatic sealing

Even for low production volumes, machines for taping boxes can be a smart investment. The costs for a case sealing machine are modest, your staff can use their time more productively, and the quality of the packaging process is consistently high. With the high-quality case sealing machines from ROBOPAC, you can pack products with weights of up to 50 kg. All case sealers offer the following

Advantages and features

  • Low investment costs
  • Consistent packaging quality
  • Rapid exchange of adhesive tapes
  • Large roll diameter means you don’t have to replace the tape very often
  • Simple deactivation/activation of the tape at top and bottom
  • Manual format selection for batch processing
  • Automatic adaptation to different box formats for series manufacture

Special specifications

  • The machine is mobile, thanks to 4 casters and a brake
  • Tape dispenser for widths 50 mm or 75 mm
  • Free-running roller conveyor at entry and exit
  • Box holder in entry area for easy filling

Case sealers – models for different maximum dimensions:

Fully-automatic case sealers – for fully-automatic packaging systems

For fully-automated packaging processes, ROBOPAC offers a tape winding machine with lateral, self-measuring guidance and a folding unit at the top. The machine is easy to integrate into existing production lines by using roller conveyors. At same time, thanks to its casters on the feet of the machine, it still retains a degree of mobility.

Advantages and features

  • Low investment costs
  • Machine adapts automatically to the carton sizes fed into it.
  • Also suitable for chaotic sequences of boxes
  • Excellent packaging quality
  • Automatic packaging of different carton dimensions
  • Can be integrated in production lines

Special specifications

  • The unit is mobile, thanks to 4 casters and a brake
  • Winding heads for adhesive tape of widths 50 mm or 75 mm
  • Upstream and downstream roller conveyor

Case sealer – fully-automatic model

Semi-automatic case erector – for automating manual tasks

Semi-automatic packaging machines automate a part of the manual activities. The STARBOX model is a semi-automatic carton-former into which boxes are placed individually, by hand. The carton flaps are then closed and sealed by the case sealing machine. The model offers the following

Advantages and features

  • Consistent packaging quality
  • Higher production volume compared to manual processing
  • Rapid adjustment to the relevant box size

Model – semi-automatic case erector:

Fully-automatic case erectors – for automated packaging processes

Automatic erectors are designed for use with highly-automated packaging processes and high production volumes. The SUPERBOX case erector from ROBOPAC pulls the boxes out of the magazine automatically, so that handling of the individual items (as with the STARBOX model) is unnecessary. The packaging machine opens, folds and shapes the box as well as sealing the bottom with tape. The automatic case erector offers the following

Advantages and features

  • Uniform packaging results
  • High production rate
  • Hand wheels for easy adjustment to different formats
  • Exit roller conveyor


  • Adhesive tape dispenser for tape width 75 mm
  • Enlarged box magazine

Case erector – model: