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The DUO PLAST 3 pillar concept

DUO PLAST offers our customers expert consulting on packaging for optimum safety and optimal cost efficiency. As a renowned company in the film-development and manufacturing industry, in addition to excellent films, DUO PLAST also offers our clients packaging testing in our own Technology Centre, as well as packaging machines for manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic packaging of products and unit loads.

The 3 pillar concept is our answer to the question: what is the safest and most efficient packaging for moving a company’s product through the supply chain? You can be sure we will always choose or develop the best and most environmentally-friendly packaging for you.

Packaging: safe, efficient, cost-effective

We optimize your packaging process

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Optimizing the bottom line

The costs for packaging products comprise many individual factors. These must be brought into a comprehensible relationship with each other to uncover potential to optimize the project and minimize costs. Those who only consider the cost of the packaging material are neglecting important factors and opportunities to optimize the project, for example:

  • the type of process (manual or automatic),
  • the duration of the process (time per unit),
  • the safety and stability of the package (avoiding breakage or damage)
  • material costs (per packaging unit)
  • costs for energy or personnel (automatic or manual processing)
  • warehousing costs for packaging materials (space requirement)
  • disposal and recycling costs (return to the manufacturer)
  • handling the container in the logistics process (time for secure loading)


Primary packaging provides direct protection for your products. For example, it must withstand particularly high or low temperatures, or UV radiation, for a defined period. Secondary packaging offers additional protection or acts as transport packaging by bundling units together. Wrapping in film binds the packaging units together to form a strong and stable package.

This requires extremely tear-resistant and stretchable films able to withstand the effects of the production, handling and logistics process and which do not fall apart during acceleration, cornering or sudden braking when being transported via forklift truck or lorry. Reliable protection can only be provided by perfectly matching the film to the product and the logistics process. At DUO PLAST, you get packaging consultants and packaging optimization from a single source. This means you’re on the safe side.

In our own DUO LAB Technology Centre, we will use standardized, recognized procedures to determine for you whether your packaging solutions will withstand the stresses of the particular supply chain.


Nowadays, sustainability is not a “nice to have” feature, but an obligation. Packaging solutions which do not take resource consumption and the possibilities for recycling and waste reduction into account are simply a no-go. Not least because manufacturers and distributors of transport packaging are, according to German packaging legislation (VerpackG), obliged to accept returned packaging materials and to reuse or recycle them.

DUO PLAST fulfils this responsibility by using sustainable films which are 100% recyclable – and which are made of up to 80% post-industrial recyclate, at least 25% post-consumer recyclate, or which are organically-based and consist of up to 80% sustainable raw material. This helps reduce the carbon footprint significantly and minimize packaging waste – without compromising on the properties of the product. This is the way to optimize packaging.

Our packaging consultants will check whether organically-based films or films made of recyclate are suitable for packaging your products, so that we can conserve resources together.

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Packaging optimization
DUO PLAST offers solutions for you project

Starting from the product to be packaged, our packaging engineers will investigate the required film properties, qualities and specifications. We will determine the film’s minimum material strengths and retention forces using parameters such as package size and weight, paired with special requirements for the film – such as thermal stability at hot or cold temperatures, UV resistance, breathability, printability and colouration – as well as testing the stability of the package in our accredited DUO LAB test laboratory. We will find the most suitable packaging machine for you, depending on the planned volumes and the available space at the production or packaging location.

Our packaging consultants will rise to the challenge of your individual requirements. We provide sustainable and innovative solutions for packaging your products. Together with you, we will optimize your individual packaging design.

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